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Compromising Colour and Clarity on SuperIdeal cut stones ACA


Nov 4, 2016
I need your opinion on stones:

1) 1.226 F VS2 A Cut Above

or 2) 1.417 H SI A Cut Above

Dropping from F to H (2 grades/ Colourless to Near Colourless) to gain an extra 0.20 ct or so. Also going down a notch in clarity.
Compared to the previous 1 ct stone, option (1) has 17% more top surface area, and option (2) has 24% more top surface area.

I'll ask whiteflash about clarity on the SI stone, but it says its eye clean from the top (going to ask about the side)

Would you drop down to H colour , and SI clarity, to get a bigger stone?

Since it's such a premium cut, I know that either one will sparkle like hell. So at this point (with ACA's) I think it starts to boil down to size... since that is now whats going to catch peoples eyes. I was never worried about the size before - nor is she.But if you can't visibly see a change between F and H, and VS2 - SI1..... then.. would you go for Option (2)?

(NB. option 2 is cheaper by $400, but in terms of what I'm paying, that doesn't mean much to me.


Jul 9, 2016
Re: Compromising Colour and Clarity on SuperIdeal cut stones

This really depends on the individual and how color sensitive they are, in store we compared an E to a G and I could hardly tell the difference and this was under a controlled environment but my partner could tell the difference and didn't like the color of the G but the jewelers in Australia try and push colorless it seems over the 4 other Cs. I actually have got her a G as it's on the whiter side of G and there is no way in the real world that you will tell the difference, hopefully she won't say no because its a G :lol: but rightly or wrongly I put cut over 1 color grade.
This link might give you an idea of the color comparisons and how diamond colors can differ even if they're graded the same color by the same lab.
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