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Caution: Diamondere


Aug 7, 2019
I wanted to caution people about the online vendor Diamondere. I know they are not typically mentioned around this forum but I decided to try them out as they had a few pairs of earrings I really liked. They are rated well on BBB so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and placed an order for one pair, with the intention of ordering more if I was happy with the quality.

They were initially very responsive and set my order up to be delivered between Aug 31-Sept4. These dates came and went and soon the order was pushed out until 12th. That date also passed and I was told the 16th and given a tracking number. Tracking number showed label created but it was never picked up. Diamondere blames this on Fedex saying there was an issue with the label, but I’ve worked in shipping and if a label isn’t working you simply print a new one. While initially communication was great, once delays started hitting, their response time went down hill. They never contacted me to tell me about the delays - I always had to contact them. In the end, I canceled the order and requested a refund which thankfully was prompt.
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