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Can't Find This Ring Anywhere


May 19, 2020
Hi all,

A few months ago my gran lost her favourite ring. She got it in Greece many years ago, I believe from a random little market. I figured it wouldn't be too hard to find the ring online, however, every one I have found is similar, but not the same and she really wants the exact ring. I'm hoping there is someone out there who could point me in the right direction, to actually find this ring. I've pictures below to help describe what it looks like.
This was the first one I found online. The Greek pattern around the ring is the same, as well as the colour of the stone. However, my gran said it is too thick and the stone was more oval. 20200519_202701.jpg
This was the next closest example I could find. Much thinner, with the blue opal and the Greek pattern. But apparently the stone was larger.
20200519_202615.jpg 20200519_202636.jpg
The first one looks more like the stone on the ring according to my gran. But those were the best examples. I'm pretty sure the metal surrounding the stone was thicker like in the image above, but the stone was larger like the one below.

So really, a combination of the large stone, thin ring with the Greek pattern and the nice blue opal. That's what her ring looked like. She's a very picky woman. I hope this makes some sort of sense haha. Thank you all in advance!
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