Calling in diamonds to view


Apr 17, 2014
I made a mistake previously in using a particular vendor on 47th st, NYC (not a Pricescope vendor) - I am currently in negotiations with them for a refund (which has been a fight) or an upgrade, if my only option. I have sent diamond specs from other Pricescope vendors in NYC to the salesperson. He is saying that he doesn't think he can get them although he sent me specs of another stone also listed on one of the Pricescope vendor sites. The vendor I originally used is a large business on 47th. I really have my radar up now and am concerned that he is just giving me a line. I know other vendors seem to be able to call in stones fairly easily on 47th. I do not want to upgrade unless I see the specs on one of the Pricescope vendors sites'. Normally, should he be able to call these stones in? Thank you


Apr 8, 2014
I will not comment on specific practices of other jewelers (and particularly those on PriceScope) but if you are looking for particular specs, just insist on the diamond being either GIA or AGS graded - and inscribed. You will be assured it is done accurately and should be able to see the inscription through a regular loupe.

If you want to be even more sure, spend the money to have the diamond independently appraised to make certain the weight, color, clarity and inclusions match the diamond lab report.

If you have specific specifications (numbers for angles, depth, table size, etc...) communicate those with the jeweler and he/she should be able to get you what you are looking for.

Happy Hunting.
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