Buying a Diamond from Nice Ice

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Mar 6, 2003
Why would ANYONE buy a diamond from online? It does NOT make sense to spend THOUSANDS of dollars for something that you can’t touch or see. Never-the-less, the temptation of saving thousands on something that I was going to give away anyway, DEEMED a reasonable alternative.

After spending several days educating myself about diamonds, specifically at pricescope, I developed the general requirements of the diamond that I wished to purchase. I searched the numerous diamond databases available, and found that only a handful of companies provided the appropriate diamond statistics. I ended up dealing with Nice Ice.

From the FIRST phone call, I not only found Robin & Todd knowledgably but surprisingly pleasant and fun. Robin spent untold hours looking through jewelry catalogs to find the “perfect” setting. The difficult part about the “perfect” setting, is that soon to be fiancé’ found a ring that she wanted in Antwerp BELGIUM. Hence, perfect setting was NOT readily available in “backwoods” Atlanta, GA. Through several phone calls, numerous emails and a couple fax’s… Robin successfully found a similar setting. The setting had been discontinued, and needed to be made out of platinum to a ridiculously small size 3, which has now been down sized to a 2.5.

Upon the success of finding the setting, and a confirmed email picture of said setting… I felt comfortable enough to max out my credit card and wire a substantial amount of money to the WEST coast. About 3 weeks later, NICE ICE was ready to ship the completed “puppy” out east.

Though I had such a GREAT experience with NICE ICE, I was still leery about the quality that I would receive and the price that I paid. Upon receipt of the “puppy”, I immediately went to George Houghtailing (local Jewelry appraiser – who in his own right was GREAT to deal with, and I recommend highly) to see if my $8k was real diamond and platinum or glass and tin. My worries were immediately put to rest, when George saw the ring and stated


George continued to accurately recreate the GIA cert of 1.35C, VS2, I-color (Brilliant Round). I was particularly pleased when George first wrote down “H-color” when he graded it “face up” (He changed it to I when the diamond was face down) When all was said and done, the diamond graded, the “rap report” referenced… The final appraised value for insurance, and Retail priced determined…

I SAVED 40% off a reasonable brick and mortar retailer.

Charlotte continues to receive compliments on her ring, especially how her diamond “sparkles” and how “unique” her setting is. For the technical people that are DATA HUNGRY, the HCA is 1.0 & the stats on the diamonds are as follows: 60.9% depth, 56% table, 34.6° crown angle, 40.7° pavilion angle, 0.5% culet

I am very pleased with my online buying experience… I would NOT hesitate to buy online again. But the truth is, my experience was SO wonderful because of Robin & Todd at NICE ICE.

It is truly a pleasure to do business with knowledgeable professionals, which go the extra distance with customer service.

Charlotte’s Fiancé,


Oct 30, 2002
Congratulations!!! Wow a 2.5 ring size...that's like my pinky toe...heehee. A 1.35c must look enormous on such small hands!



Jun 8, 2003
I'd love to see a picture. Wow, a 2.5 ring size? I believe that is my daughter's ring-finger size, and she is only 9 years old!!!

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