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Brilliant Earth e-ring settings - made to order or stocked in every size?


Apr 22, 2019
I apologize if this is a strange question! I'll do my best to explain the context. My fiance proposed a couple months ago with a ring from Brilliant Earth. Unfortunately the ring was too big. BE quoted several weeks to have the ring sent back for free resizing, so I took it to a local jeweler rather than be without my ring for so long. The jeweler explained that because it's a 3-stone setting, and needed sizing down significantly from 5 to 3.5, the ring would end up somewhat oval shaped east-to-west. Trying for a perfectly round circumference would've risked the integrity of the settings holding the side stones. They did their best, but the ring does have a distinctly oval shape.

I didn't think it would bother me much, but the longer I wear it, the more bothered I am. When I look down my finger, I can see slight gaps between the ring and the sides of my finger. It also causes my ring to sit askew rather than perpendicular to my finger, since the ring basically still has the width of a larger size.

I'm wondering if I should've just sent the ring back to BE - maybe they would've reset the stone in a new size 3.5 setting rather than try to shrink down the size 5? Or is that wishful thinking? Do they even have settings available in various sizes, or would they had to have resized a stock setting even if my fiance had ordered the right size in the first place? I know there's no point trying to go back in time, but maybe sharing my experience and getting the advice of the experts here could save someone else from making the same mistake! :wall:

Looking forward, I wonder if it would be worth taking the ring back to the jeweler and asking them to reshape my ring at any cost, even if it means rebuilding it to some degree, or if it would make more sense just to order a new setting (in my correct size if that's even possible) from BE (I really, really love the setting) and have the jeweler reset the stones for me? Or do I just need to get a grip and stop thinking about it?

Thanks for your thoughts and advice!


Sep 23, 2017
If the setting price is not an obstacle I'd send it back to BE and have the setting remade in the correct size, they should be able to switch the stones to a new ring. Maybe if you explain the situation they can give you some kind of discount. I'm sure more people will be by with advice soon!


Mar 5, 2017
I had this happen with a half-eternity band. It has 18 diamonds, so resetting would have been a headache. I had it resized but had to change the finger I wear it in so it would feel more comfortable.

But yours is a three-stone! Yay! That makes resetting the best possibility for you. If you don't want to send it all the way back to BE, have it done by a local jeweler who can re-create the ring. Unless there is some sort of guarantee or lifetime deal with BE, in which case just send it to BE.


Jan 22, 2014
The main cost with settings is the labor cost. Whether or not the diamonds can be unset and the mounting section reformed to suit a size 5 round ring shape only a jeweller can say. The time and effort to reform the mounting section and solder seamlessly to a new size 5 ring shank might be more than the cost of getting a brand new size 5 ring setting from Brilliant Earth and scrapping the old setting. Plus you don’t know how well the jeweller can do this modification. He might make his best effort and you still be unsatisfied with the outcome. Spending more money to still not be satisfied.
Brilliant Earth is unlikely to want the original setting back after such a dramatic resizing. You might only get gold melt value or slightly more.
I’d go back to Brilliant Earth and get them to set your diamonds into a new, correct size setting rather than spending more money with an uncertain outcome.
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