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Oct 15, 2002
I have been lurking in this newsgroup for some time now. I made a commitment to myself that when I purchased the engagement ring it would match my tastes and that I would be 100 percent comfortable and happy with my purchase. This site has taught me MUCH and I enjoy reading information from all the posters here.

On to the topic of my post:

I was working with a customer rep. from BlueNile this evening requesting Sarin reports for the next batch of diamonds I was reviewing for my purchase when I learned a interesting bit of information. I was running Holloway Cut Adviser numbers on all the diamonds that interested me since CUT is the highest desirable on my list. I was surprised to find a number of “non-Signature Cuts” that ranked just as or HIGHER than the BlueNile signature cut selection. I asked the BlueNile representative about this thinking I was onto some sort of scam.. “I am glad you asked” she replied and filled me in. She informed me that I would most defiantly find diamonds that would equal or in some rare cases surpass the HCA grade of their Signature Cut Series. It happens this way, BlueNile only sells its Signature Cut Series from a specific cutter who meets their strict outlines and has his work specially graded. BlueNile has in its stock diamonds from a number of resources. SO, one of these “other” diamond cutters may submit a diamond with a most excellent cut BUT this diamond would not be rated as BlueNile signature just because it didn’t come from their one and only designated cutter who makes them. *whew* Took the long way to get there.

Armed with this information I have began to dig deeper into their selection and squint out the angles from their scanned in reports. Now I only wished they published ALL their measured angles on the web to make my life easier.

BTW I cant say enough about BlueNile and their service. I will let you all know what my final selection is.



Oct 12, 2002
I just recently purchased a Blue Nile Signature Cut. I should recieve shipment this week. This is the stone I purchased

Carat weight: 0.91
Cut: Signature Round
Color: G
Clarity: VS2
Depth %: 61.5%
Table %: 55%
Symmetry: Ideal
Polish: Ideal
Girdle: Thin to slightly thick, faceted
Culet: Pointed
Fluorescence: None
Measurements: 6.27x6.30x3.86 mm
Crown: 34.8%
Pavilion: 40.7%

I had previously picked another very similar in all aspects except it was an H color and VS1 clarity (price within $100 on one another). I decided on this stone because of a higher score on the HCA. I believe the other scored 1.7 and this one scored 0.9

I plan on getting it appraised locally sometime next week, hopefully I will be able to report back with some good news.

Good Luck on your purchase.


Mar 15, 2004
Wow, now that is a trick I totally missed. I just found the perfect stone thanks to you. It is now ordered and on it's way. Thanks so much.


Aug 25, 2000
A diamond is forever , your marrage is sometimes not. Get her an I1
I think thats close to the quote from Marty Haske
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