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Blue Nile setting -- freaking out a little!


May 18, 2016
Hi all,

A few weeks ago, boyfriend and I picked out my engagement ring in the Blue Nile showroom and ordered it. BN no longer had my size in the setting design I wanted, so they said it would have to be special ordered in my size, making it a final sale item. I just realized (I know, I know, totally OUR mistake) that the BN settings are prefabbed with H color diamonds. The ring arrived yesterday, and boyfriend is hanging onto it until he officially proposes. I haven't seen it yet, but I am super anxious now that the H color diamonds will look totally yellow against the 1 carat E color Square Radiant center stone. What's even more concerning is that the setting stones aren't just a pave with tiny stones -- it's a three stone design with two trillions flanking the center stone, and a three sided pave on the band. Is this going to look totally awful? We are obviously very new at buying diamonds and I wish the showroom consultant had said something about this when ordering. :wall:

Here's a link to the setting:

Thanks in advance!


Dec 3, 2011
I doubt BN would choose to use H colored side stones if they even remotely looked yellow, regardless of what color center stone was next to them. I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, H diamonds are really white anyway.
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