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Bezel Set Ring Questions


Oct 4, 2016
(I'm trying to narrow down what I'm looking for in a bezel setting. I want something low-maintenance for everyday use to hold a sapphire trillion solitaire. Of course the setting will depend on the stone, just trying to find out what I like.)

For those with open bezels and no metal below the stone, how much of your skin do you end up seeing through the stone? This is mostly something I've noticed with lighter-colored stones but it would bother me as it seems to really alter the stone's appearance.

Have you found the color to be drastically darker once set?

Did you find yourself sacrificing any of the low-maintenance / durability of the setting for aesthetics? The more interesting profiles I've seen, or those that allow more light, tend to sit higher above the finger.

Are you happy you went with the bezel? Any regrets? Thanks so much for your input!


Apr 22, 2004
I have 2 open or collet style open bezel ring; one without a metal bridge underneath and one with a metal bridge underneath.

1. I do not see my skin underneath because it is well cut enough that I see colour and sparkles only.

2. The colour was not much darker once set.

3. No, having it sit higher means that it will get banged around more often (the crown is still exposed and can be damaged) and being top heavy means that it will spin more and might get caught in gloves/pockets/etc.

4. Very happy with the bezel and no regrets whatsoever.
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