Beach Proposal

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Oct 24, 2006
I would make reservations at a restaurant on the water, go for a walk after dinner, pop the question... and live happily ever after!

Thats off the top of my head, I would like to reserve the right to come back with more thoughts.


May 23, 2006
Dinner at a nice restaurant, sunset picnic with desserts on the beach, candles... that''s what I got so far.



Mar 11, 2006
Here is my beach story...maybe it will help.

The quick lowdown on the story is that we were at Bethany Beach, Delaware with her family and some long time friends of her family. It was at the family friends house on the beach which is just a great house. We got down to the beach house late Friday night(1 am). I woke up at 6am to make sure that I got some one on one time with her dad. After some small chit chat, I asked for his permission. He gladly accepted me into the family and I then asked if it would be OK to do it that weekend at the friend's beach house. He said that the friends would be honored that we would do it there.

I was the 4th of July (four days after I asked her dad for permission) and we spent most of the day on the beach (I refused to go into the water b/c I had the ring in my pocket). Late in the afternoon we went on a walk down the beach to see the fireworks being set up. On the way down the beach I picked out my spot for proposal on the way back (we had about 30 feet of 'people clearance' on either side of us).

It was the perfect time of the afternoon - 5pm. There was a good breeze, the sun had dropped down low enough not to be 'intrusive' but still providing enough sunlight to provide a good reflection off of both the diamond and the ocean. Anyways, I thought the atmosphere was perfect. When we hit the spot, I tugged her by the arm and got down on one knee and proposed. She cried, laughed, and then finally said yes. After what seemed like forever, she finally looked at the ring and gasped with excitement. She now had the opportunity to run inside and 'show and tell' her mom and dad. Her parents were excited and the friends were as well.

We celebrated America's independence and the 'end of independent me'. It has been great ever since.

I guess every situation is perfect. You can be in the middle of a hurricane with trees falling around you and as long as you finish with 'will you marry me?' you have said and done the right thing. Good luck to you.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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