Asscher cut (too deep?)

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Mar 14, 2007
Hey everyone,

I recently asked my girlfriend''s father for his blessing to propose which he gladly gave me. Now I am doing the hard part and lookign for a ring!! I am sure whatever I get for her will be perfect in her eyes as she is not at all picky about such things, but I want to get the best diamond I can for the money I am spending. As it stands now I have been looking and I really started to like the Asscher cut diamond. I am hoping to get one and match it with a Platinum ring with Trillion side stones. I have found what looks to be the perfect combo on, however I fear the depth of the ring may be too deep. Here are the stats for the diamond:

Certificate: EGL
Shape: Asscher
Cut: Very Good
Carat: 1.50
Color: G
Clarity: VS1
Measurements: 6.21-6.11-4.52
Length to Width: 1.02
Depth Percentage: 74 %
Table Percentage: 64 %
Girdle: M
Culet: None (Pointed)
Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Very Good

I was hoping I could get some opinions on this diamond and how you think it would look. Also, is a price slightly under $8,000 about right for this?



Nov 6, 2006
Hi cflo18 and Welcome to Pricescope!

The asscher search is a slippery slope! 74% sounds a little deep, but you really have to see the diamond to decide if it''s a good one. Keep in mind that with large depth %''s come small spreads. When a majority of the weight of the diamond is in the pavilion, the diamond will face up smaller than other stones of the same carat weight.

You should find out which EGL lab the cert is from. If it''s from LA, you may be getting a good value. If it''s from abroad, be careful. The int''l EGL certs can be a lot less reliable. Domestic EGL (in LA) tends to be stricter from what I understand. EGL-certified stones usually trade at a discount. Check out this section in the Tutorial: Labs & Pricing for more info. Keep this in mind when considering price.


Nov 1, 2003
check the pric against simular EGL stones with the simular widths and height often the price will be simular so the depth isnt really an issue.
It is on the deep side.
The first question is which egl?
And you need to get pictures.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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