Asian Manufacturer - how to approach them and what to expect guide


Mar 2, 2023
I'm a Designer (advertising) who likes handmade items and recently bought a pendant on Etsy. I found the Indian manufacturer in the description and I contacted them. I sketched some designs I would like to see realized to try to sell them online. At this stage, it's more a test than anything else, so I'm interested in small-quantity samples, but if it goes well, I have potential ideas for a collection, the brand etc.
Now, they describe themselves as a wholesaler, not a manufacturer, so I asked them if they can realize my designs. In place of a yes or no or further instructions, they wrote me on WhatsApp asking me to share my designs. I worked already with an Indian team (not jewellery) and I noticed they tend to use a lot WhatsApp for business matters, however, I expected some kind of design submission process. Do you have any advice for

1) Find a manufacturer (potentially Asia), that I can trust having little experience in the matter. It would be amazing if you can share some names, platforms where to find them, or at least how you found yours.

2) What to expect from them step by step, from design submission to delivery, post-sales, customer assistance and communication

3) Communication limitations - I struggled to obtain a yes or no answer from the Indian team, and this can create some miscommunication at times.

4) How to be sure about gems and metal authenticity, and what to expect for defective items (which kind of policy your suppliers / manufacturers have about it)

5) Best countries where to outsource considering the above points

Thanks in advance
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