For Sale Antique 18k Pink Sapphire Belcher Setting Ring Size 6.5


May 17, 2018
I recently bought this ring from Jazmmal on IG. The Belcher setting has an elegant design and looks like a flower. I wore it a few times, realized that I'm not really a colored stone person so it's been sitting in the box. The ring is really comfortable, it sits just right on the finger. It was sold as an unheated sapphire and total I paid is $440 (which I can provide proof if necessary). The sapphire is nice bright pink color that almost glows.
Approximate Measurements:
Sapphire: 5x4 mm
Width of Ring: 8 mm tapers to 3 mm
Height: 4 mm
Weight: 4.27 grams
Size: 6.5
There's no scratch on the ring, in some of the pics a small hair or something got on the ring and I noticed after (I looked at the ring under the loupe and there are only light signs of wear under 10x magnification).
Asking Price: $400 Shipped in the U.S. (PayPal F&F)
199172884_2917930651856089_3716553501976997178_n.jpg 199306425_323978016098604_4804834640890912265_n.jpg 199541314_485045379452718_7177824188473341257_n.jpg 199046983_166812062082049_4105395198269916962_n.jpg 199449411_342362260938563_3678093000218871243_n.jpg 199861934_855476578680931_6343009757980651851_n.jpg 199574876_568757510776588_6101337589476228970_n.jpg 199055079_514876329699065_9127217018508274879_n.jpg 200365802_313889093533315_4912933564698933634_n.jpg 199779426_148608143997600_2346173732035535140_n.jpg 199109783_136512178468451_8223719675413064535_n.jpg 199995375_193633132538602_8758507130973158636_n.jpg


Oct 31, 2020
This is so lovely! I've been looking at a lot of Belcher ring lately, but most are diamond ones, and the pink sapphire is just extra magical, looks like a ring out of a Victorian fairy book. I love the low profile as well. If I hadn't just closed the deal on a new ring today I'd have been very tempted. Hope this can go to a new PS home!
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