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Angel Sanchez engagement setting questions/other options?


Oct 3, 2016
Preparing to pop the question within the next year and have been looking at rings. Well took my future fiance to look at rings at one of the big retailers and she fell in love with this ring set from Angel Sanchez.

Looking around and this ring seems to be really unique as I've only been able to find it at Jared and Kay's. My only issue is that it's a little out of my budget at the moment and I don't know if I'd just be paying for the designer name. I've got the center stone already so my price range would just be for the engagement setting and wedding ring.

My questions are

1. Are there any similar designs that anyone might be able to direct me towards?

2. Is this double helix twisting design something a competent custom jeweler could achieve?

3. If so would I be able to save any having a custom made design inspired ring at an independent jeweler, or would I be best just buying from the retailer?



Jul 31, 2014
Re: Angel Sanchez engagement setting questions/other options

Definitely do not get the one from Jared/Kays. IMHO you can find a ring that looks similar of much higher quality for a far more reasonable price.

I think the option from brian gavin is lovely, and will be a high quality setting. I also like the other options posted, but IMHO the BGD one is the highest quality.

Other potential options from Gabriel & Co (sold by ID Jewelry, one of our recommended vendors) are these two:

I think the 2nd option I posted is the closest to the original, but just wanted to show you options.

EDIT: another designer with a similar aesthetic to the ring you posted is Beverly K. Her designs are good quality and reasonably priced. You'd have to order through a vendor for the setting as her site doesn't list prices directly, but I know that Perlman's Jewelers carries her line, and I think ID Jewelry does as well). Here are some potential ones I found from her site:


Jun 30, 2016
Re: Angel Sanchez engagement setting questions/other options

Here's one that is similar from JA, but it also includes a halo. Not sure if that's something your gf would want, but figured I'd post anyway.

I think most people on here would steer you away from buying from Jared and their settings are not regarded to be high quality. Especially for a more complicated pave design like this one, you want something that will stand up to daily wear and tear.
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