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All went well, I''m now engaged...

Discussion in 'Proposal Ideas' started by gimly, Oct 28, 2003.

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  1. gimly

    Sep 8, 2003
    by gimly » Oct 28, 2003
    For those of you who have been helping me and giving me suggestions for my proposal, I thank you, and wish to give you a little feedback on how it all turned out. To catch you up to speed, I was the guy who was going to propose in front of her entire family (you can read my full idea in a previous post). However, this is how it all went down. Sunday afternoon of last week (october 19), I found myself amidst a gathering of approximately 30 people at my current fiancee''s parent''s house. Her whole family was there, and she was clueless as to what was about to happen. As soon as the last group of people arrived, I quickly rushed to find her little brother. As soon as all was in place, I had her little brother take her into the back room (large room).. and talk to her (made up some story about having girl problems)... she bought it and listened. While this was going on, her mother was retrieving the flowers that i previously hid in the garage. I then had each of the family members take a single tulip into the back room to her, and tell her that they loved her... after everyone had entered the room, i had my little brother (my mom, dad, and little brother were there as well) take a chair into the back room and place it in front of my girl.. i then entered the scene, sat down in front of her to play a song on my guitar to her. I told her what the song meant to us that i was about to play, then played it for her.. that was WAY harder than i had imagined because my hand was shaking out of control.. but she didnt care, nor did she realize.. anyway, i finished my song.. stood her and i up.. gave her a little speech on how much i love her.. and got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.. everything went perfect (my guitar playing was a little rough but oh well).. there were MANY tears in the room (just as i had hoped).. anyway, we had lunch after that, and my fiancee was so surprised/exstatic that she couldn''t even eat.. it was great... thank you all for your comments.. for anyone interested.. the ring that i bought her was a 1 carat round brilliant solitaire.. it is gorgeous and she''s had many complements.. i''m going to attach a few photos of the event that were taken... enjoy
    thanks again
    ((if you want to see the ring read my next post.. you can only attach one file per post))

    Jen and Shawn Engagement 10-19-03 006.jpg
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