Advice needed on a few precious gemstones I'm currently considering....


Mar 7, 2016
One more---hadenfred_gems on IG has been recommended on PS. She is great! I have not purchased anything from her but she would be my first stop for this request. Her prices seem very reasonable & I'm sure she would be able to find the spinel for you.

(Edited because I'm not sure of her name.)

[Again, I am in no way affiliated with this vendor.]

I've now recommended so many IG vendors I must seem like some sort of IG plant! I promise I'm not. Only trying to help. :)

I have bought from Annie. She is very accommodating with photos and info without being pushy and has very pretty spinel at good prices. I wouldn’t assume I could return though.

You might ask her specifically for what you are looking for. I mentioned my parameters but she didn’t have anything in hand at the moment. When she had a stone in that might work she dm’d me before it went up in her IG. I did find the one thanks to her efforts. I also asked about melee in a specific color and she was able to find me what I needed immediately. No guarantees but never hurts to ask.


Mar 30, 2019
Ok I'm confused as I thought the OP said he had a girlfriend in his first post and later he doesn't but I guess that's not really the important issue here and admittedly, I haven't read all of his posts in detail.

In any case, maybe we need to think of ways the OP can wear the gems without it somehow seeming 'unmanly' or something (at least in the eyes of the population where he lives) =)2

I've often noticed that most antique jewellery stores and most gemstone sellers are male, and all seem to have a passion for jewellery/gemstones, and yet seem not to wear it themselves, and I've often thought if that was me, I'd be soooooo frustrated. Or maybe they're secret jewellery wearers at home:mrgreen2:

It's ironic that our modern culture thinks of jewelery as being mostly for women given that historically in the West, Middle East and parts of Asia, men wore bling too!


Nov 2, 2012
Sorry for going off topic here but this thread made me wonder if "precious" vs. "semi-precious" gem descriptors are still in common use. I don't recall hearing them lately. Thoughts?
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