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Oct 1, 2011
If you want to buy a diamond, make sure you drop all the romanticism around it and treat it as a commodity with technical specs. Don't shoot for a great deal but seek fair price. I was able to compare with NYC market prices and I paid something equivalent in cash in Antwerp. Make sure your stone comes with a HRD or other reputable certificate and don't forget to get a professional appraisal for insurance purposes.

When I bought my engagement ring in Antwerp several months ago, my internet search led me to Diamond House ( The owner, Rob, explained what options I have within my price range, and made recommendations on which tradeoffs to make to get the most bang for the buck. Once the parameters are set, he would source the stone from the diamond exchange in Antwerp but I was lucky to find the one I want in his personal stock. The whole process took 3 appointments and 2 months since I wanted to take my time in such a big purchase.

Rob is a diamond broker but does have a few settings he sells as well. I wanted the setting to be a little more authentic than what he had and he led me to a few jewelry stores he trusts. Ended up getting a setting from Rayjo, again another great place to get honest and personalized service in Antwerp. Rayjo and Rob did a great job coordinating the setting of the ring while I was traveling out of town and the whole industry was about to shut down for a month for the summer.

I am very happy with the overall experience and highly recommend Diamond House and Rayjo in Antwerp for your engagement ring purchase. I especially appreciate Rob for not getting frustrated with my endless questions, never trying to trick me into a quick purchase decision, and even making the sacrifice to meet me during his holiday to deliver the ring.
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