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Advice about a good student microscope?


Jun 3, 2015
I would love some input regarding a reasonably priced gem microscope. I am doing an online gemology program through IGS and need to purchase a microscope. I am very disabled, have little money to spend and wondered if this was ok for my needs and if I would need to purchase any additional eye pieces. Maybe someone knows where I can buy something just as good or better from a different retailer....I am all ears (guess that should be all EYES since we are reading, lol!) to recommendations since I have no instructors, "mentors" or friends in the field except for you friends on this website, being self taught with what I find online(the IGS home study program for identifying gems is $400., watching hundreds of hours of free jewelry making videos and slowly buying tools I need over the past year.) And I mean I am open to recommendation about anything for someone like me just starting out.....thanks to you all, I learn so much on PC!:wavey:
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