About to pull the trigger... (2.00ct round)


Jul 19, 2016
Thanks to all of you in advance for your help. After browsing this forum the last few months, I think I've finally learned a few tricks of the trade and incorporated your knowledge into my search for the "perfect" stone.

My girlfriend wants a 2.00ct round diamond, but is open to everything else. Unfortunately, my budget is limited to $20,000 for the loose stone, so I'm pretty sure I'll need to settle on something H-G color and SI1-VS2 clarity. Setting will be in a classic Tiffany-style 6 prong setting. After combing through all the various online retailers and talking to a few "wholesalers" in the Los Angeles area, I'm leaning towards picking one of the following and would appreciate any input (or any other stones you may be aware of in my budget range!):
Cons: girdle and fluorescence unavailable, table angle is a bit larger than what I was hoping for (54- 57%)
James Allen is not able to provide an idealscope (I tried requesting for one)
Cons: 58% table angle is a bit larger than what I was looking for but same as above, price is above $20,000 budget but can be stretched

I'm leaning towards the stone from James Allen (to at least see in person and make sure it's 'eye clean') but hoping a more educated mind could help convince me one way or the other. If there are any suggestions for any other places I should stop by locally I'd welcome that as well. Thanks again!!


Jan 11, 2006
tyty333|1468934078|4057071 said:
ac117|1468933835|4057069 said:

Definitely this one!

Good find flyingpig!

Definitely a great choice! An ACA isn't a whole lot more, but for the $19k range, that one is a winner!

Here's the lowest ACA:
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