9k yellow gold ring from England


Nov 11, 2021

Thought this ring was just costume jewellery.
My Mother wore it and it had a turquoise stone set in it.
She bought the ring in England in the 50s.
Took it to my local jeweller and to my surprise it turned out to be 9k yellow gold from England.
Had the ring re-designed into a plain gold band since the turquoise stone had fallen out.
I wear this ring on my pinky finger on my right hand.
The ring is a perfect size 6.
My Mother had smaller hands than me.
And the size of ring I would wear if I had a wedding band on my left hand would be a 7.
I love the beauty and simplicity of it and think of my Mother every time that I wear it. :)


Jan 22, 2014
Beautiful. These are the bests bits of jewellery, the ones that have a connection to a loved one and/or a fabulous tale to tell.
My two most precious pieces, despite the many many pieces and $$$$$ worth, are my wee 9ct horseshoe signet ring that I bought myself at around age 9 after saving up birthday and Christmas money AND doing countless extra chores.
Also my great grandmas heart locket that goes back to my great great grandma. I received that piece for my 21st.
totally irreplaceable to me.

Daisys and Diamonds

Apr 30, 2019
I love a pinky ring
even better when it has family connections
I wear my great grandma's wedding band as a pinky
i never knew her? Nor did i know the ring existed till after mum died
i kind of did the opposite to you and had stones put in it to make it more wearable (for me)
But i love when family pieces get a new life with a descendant and as your ring was your mum's its extra special

I know the lovelly surprise when something i thought was just gold metal turned out to be 9 k

would love to see a pinky ring pix @Bibbi Jazzy T
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