8-Star Brilliance Scope Readings

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Colored Gemstone Nut

Nov 21, 2002
This questions is for those cut-nuts. I have been viewing some brilliance scope readings of 8-stars. I know that 8-stars are cut for maximum light retention, but have noticed that the readings on the white light and scintillation dept. tend to be a little lower in the range usually around the high mark rather than (very-high) compared to some ideal H&A diamonds. I know that different stones vary but what do you think contributes to the lower readings on a stone which is cut for maximum light retention and no leakage. 8-stars also seem to always have very high scores in the colored light dept.

Thanks for the input in advance-

Josh Rioux
Sitka, Alaska



Aug 15, 2000
I have seen quite a few eightstars here in my lab.

What you need to consider is the difference in the appearance of the stone versus the other competeing diamonds.

I will tell you that I haven't yet seen any of the new line ACA stones from Whiteflash, although they have agreed to send a sampling of their stones for me to take a snoop at.

The Eighstar diamonds do have incredibly intense dispersion. Often they "face up" more colorless than their color grading.

The basic difference is that the dispersion is broad coloration being returned to the eye, but to achieve this you trade off a slight bit of scintillation and brilliance.

The other H&A stones often have a similar amount of dispersion, but the color areas are smaller as eightstars are cut with small star facets and larger upper girdles facets.

It's basically a matter of your preferences,what you expect appearance wise, and of course - budget.

Each cut has its pros and cons... as the balance of white light, dispersion, and scintallation are compared.


Sierra Nevada

Sep 17, 2002
Thank you Cut Nut & RockDoc, those 2 replies taken together explain Eightstars more clearly to me than all the other stuff I've read so far. I'd be interested to hear both your opinions on the new ACA diamonds and how they relate to the 8* after you have a chance to examine and evaluate them.
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