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    Trying to date a ring

    From the region of the Republic of Ireland, the jewelry markings I studied this past spring at the two museums in Dublin, nothing comes close to what your photo shows. The illusion setting that appears in the photo would not be common for region and time. Perhaps it was brought into the country.
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    Trying to date a ring

    Are there any markings inside or around the shank or any part of the ring? Letters of numbers?
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    1 ct solitaire Ebay saga update

    "He does live in CA - I want to say Newbury Park (?). The unsigned appraisal was performed by GRA in LA so he must live near there." Newbury Park is the outskirt of LA county (could be Ventura county). I want to say rural area, at least rural for us in Los Angeles. And we do have a bad check...
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    do appraisers switch your stone?

    For an "Appraiser" to switch a stone would mean risking his/her career, jail time etc. Just like Neil, I would never do such a evil deed. I would be shocked if anyone of us gemologist/appraisers with years of vested time, money commited such a sin. But I as others, do understand that every...
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    Appraisal above purchase price, is this normal

    I just finished talking with a rep at JM. If a item is say $25,000.00 or higher, JM might consider adding sales tax. It is not mandatory. Jewelers or appraisers can/not mandatory, add a sales tax, preferably itemized: $10,000.00 plus 0.0825% Los Angeles County. The client and insurance company...
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    Appraisal above purchase price, is this normal

    Appraisal methodology: like, kind and quality in the most common market that the ITEM is found. Buying at the internet market level is still not the most common place a person shops. I belive that Bluenile came in at the nations 10th largest, but that still leaves 9 other store front jewelry...
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    Appraisal values was the 10th largest retailer in the country as per a recent edition of The Loupe. I belive the appraisal methodology taught is, The most frequently occuring price within the marketplace that the item is most commonly sold. The mode, not the average. Within my report, I state...
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    Will appaisers review 3 diamond then chose best

    Oh ta, ceart go leor. First year Irish, so I''m very very limited. But, since you replied, and I''m of the RC Irish decent, I would very much like to assist, and at no extra expense to you. I''m in Los Angeles California and only work as a gemologist/appraiser. Sin an meid, Slan leat anois.
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    Will appaisers review 3 diamond then chose best

    Dia duit, Ta me Jennifer. Cen chaio a bhfuil tu? Slan leat,
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    Frustrating appraisal experience

    I see "appraisals" that accompany diamonds sold by PS vendors. One last week was written by the seller, and within the body of the report stated that he had no interest in the item being appraised. No interest? he just sold the customer the diamond!
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    Color appearance of mounted stone

    I find that the weight/(apparent size) of the diamond makes a difference in color face up appearance of a mounted diamond. Also as already mentioned, the enviroment in which it is being graded. I also always prefer to use my master diamonds when grading. And, its possible that we all do not see...
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    Appraisers to create the Pricescope Checklist

    The clients that come to my office, that have just purchased a diamond (85% from on-line), usually only want a 1/2 hour consultation ($75.00) to make sure the diamond matches the grading report. 1/2 the time they want to know if what they paid was fair. But most have done alot of research...
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    Frustrating appraisal experience

    Since Leonid took the time to send this "experience" to me, I''ll give it my attention. - What I am most upset about is this: I asked him to make sure the prongs were okay and the stones secure, and he said they were... BUT, side diamond was loose!! I would want to know if I failed to mention...
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    some metal facts you might not know

    Several months ago, I evaluated a white metal ring, with diamonds. I felt it was of Asian decent. The stamp within the shank was "320". I tested with available acids. With platinum acid, very small specks of whitish response. No reaction to 18 or 14. At the time I listed it as "unknown" Two...
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    Appraisers'' List Development

    "In all due respect; every reply that I saw so far has the appraiser listed they don''t sell retail. Maybe the wording in itself is misleading." I interpreted the question to ask do I sell jewelry or jewelry related goods e.g. mounting, diamond/gemstone, etc.. I have never bought or sold for a...
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    real or fake appraisal Auction #10646005 1.03 carat Round Brilliant I-2 G $10,175.00 is the appraised value with signature of Norman Monteau. Defend this value.
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    Los Angeles Appraiser- Awesome Experience

    Thank you, for taking the time to let me, and other''s know that I did my job well. And Thank you to PriceScope and participants, for educating the public, and listing us "gemologist appraisers" on your site.
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    Need help with EGL-Israel vs. EGL-USA

    Here is how I advise clients who contact me regarding selling: Your options are Pawnshop Dealer Consignment Traditional Auction House or private sale Dealer will pay immediately. You will also get an idea of agreement or disagreement with stated grading. Make an appointment with at least two...
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    White metal ring stamped 326

    A white metal ring with diamonds, stamped "326", most likely asian origin. What does 326 stand for?
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    Independent Appraisers Who

    I don''t buy and sell. I do provide names and phone numbers of dealer and traditional auction houses.
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    Appraisal Question

    My opinion as a gemologist/appraiser: I always ask if there is previous documentation. 1) If you have a grading report from an independent lab such as GIA-GTL, EGL, AGS this means that your gemstone was graded outside of the mounting in a controlled enviroment. This information should be...
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    H&A Diamond not appraised as such ! Expertise Needed!

    "appraisers are a dime a dozen...appraisers do not normally see anything other than your average deep cut diamond." It''s nice to know I''m a dime, and not only know what a "Heart & Arrow" diamond is, but can also recognize it. But, that must be because I read "pricescope" and subscribe to all...
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    You can also visit web site or American Society of Appraisers
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    20 carat diamond for sale

    I have been seeing a lot of 10+ diamonds in the last year. Just finished a 9.50 ct last week, 13.50 ct. 2 weeks ago. I've pulled out files to help. RB, 16.81, K, SI-1, good polish, fair symmetry. GIA. Sold at Christies for $95,000.00, lot #293. My opinion is that a 20 ct, clarity enhanced...
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    Brand Names and Appraisal

    "Say I take a Cartier ring all its stamps, with a .30ct stone, whip it out and put a 2ct stone in. Assume I can do this so you can not tell. What would you appriase it for?" Ihave these rings come by my desk. There always seems to be an indication of alteration. Solder flow marks at the head...
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    Two *very* different appraisals.....what to do..

    If you want to sell/trade the diamond, please tell the Gemologist/appraiser so that a report can be prepared for the appropriate purpose. Different valuations for different purposes. When I prepare an appraisal for "marketable cash value" I state different levels in which to sell: dealer...
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    Appraisers Swapping Diamonds?

    O&E insurance, via Jewelers Mutual for sunny California, premium $1,700.00. And yes I am paying this. I'm in a litigation state and have had my share of scares. A women handed me her ring and I immediately put it under the scope, it was a CZ, told her and she replies "you switched my diamond". I...
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    Tiffany, Diamonds and the Internet

    Only 5%of my clients have purchased from the internet. The traditional jewelry store is still the source for a jewelry purchase. My opinion is that those that shop at Tiffany, want the Tiffany name.
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    almost got kicked out of a mall jewelry store today...

    Ben Bridge Jewelers, in my opinion, is the best "mall" jeweler there is. To buy in or to work for.
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    Will Tiffany setting with a non Tiffany diamond?

    Three weeks ago a client brought in a ring comprised of an Elsa Peretti 18 karat white gold band with one flush set diamond (0.10 carat). Low and behold someone had mounted a four prong head on it with a diamond. The client purchased it out of Florida. He was unsure if the seller had represented...