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  1. kgizo

    BROOCHES & Pins. Why Don't We Wear Them?

    I’m glad to see the brooch making a comeback, but strongly disagree with ‘drop earrings or a huge bracelet would be‘ vulgar during the daytime.
  2. kgizo

    Show me the Bling - the Laboratory Grown version!

    Beautiful diamond and I love the setting @hobbitfancier55
  3. kgizo

    About to purchase this - opinions?

    I’m not usually a fan of halos with 3 stones, but this one really works. It is a lot, but still has a delicate quality about it. The proportions work and everything flows very well together.
  4. kgizo

    Found My OMG Sapphire and My Ring is Done!

    Wow! Everything about your ring is fantastic!!!
  5. kgizo

    Please tell me this looks like a decent choice....I can return it.

    I reallly like the setting. If it has a good return policy it’s worth ordering to see it in person.
  6. kgizo

    How do you think Lightbox compares?

    I would say LB is better. There are a lot of SI3-I1 at mall stores. I haven’t analyzed cut at mall stores, but from what I’ve seen they are cut more for size than light return.
  7. kgizo

    Maker's mark identification

    I agree with StephaniieLynn, great stacker and looks ‘50s.
  8. kgizo

    Third time's the charm

    Yes, love them all :) can’t own them all :(. I totally understand.
  9. kgizo

    I'm her new mom!

  10. kgizo

    Third time's the charm

    Beautiful! Love the faceting on the center diamond ♥️
  11. kgizo

    Lab made from James allen

    I’ve not purchased from JA so can’t answer for them. For WF, absolutely yes; they screen their in-house diamonds and have experts who will give you honest advice about virtual inventory diamonds you may want to purchase through them. I highly recommend WF. For round diamonds I would say that...
  12. kgizo

    Lab made from James allen

    With all due respect, you came her posting that you got an ideal MMD at a massive savings. @SouthernElle very graciously shared research that it would not be graded ideal by the industry leading labs and is not priced at a massive savings. That said, it sounds like it meets your needs and is...
  13. kgizo

    Engaged! My five prong solitaire 2.3ct I SI1 by HPD and CVB

    Congrats on your engagement!! It’s a beautiful ring!!
  14. kgizo

    #JOTW My new 2.12 K SI1 CBI

    Stunning! Congrats on JOTW!
  15. kgizo

    Convert to bracelet or keep as brooch?

    Lovely pin you’ve got! How does the bracelet work? Is there a hinge in the back or is it big enough to slide on like a bangle? I vote for leaving pin as is. You could add a loop on the back on each end to have the option of adding a chain and wearing as a necklace. A two for one! I know a...
  16. kgizo

    Have this on layaway....thoughts?

    Wow! Looks so much better in your pics. I love how it looks on your hand and the star like shape around the center diamond. So glad you took a chance as it is a keeper. Enjoy it’s fabulousness!!!!
  17. kgizo

    Sapphire Ring Acquisition Inken Enhoerning

    Thanks for your detailed review. Your sapphire is outstanding. Congratulations on your engagement!!
  18. kgizo

    CBI Fire! Wow!

    So beautiful!
  19. kgizo

    4 ct early round brilliant, to recut or not recut

    Agree with the posters who have said to wear it first as I would not take the risk of a recut without being 100% sure I needed it to be happy with my diamond. I say this as someone who had 2 stones tweaked by Southwest Diamond Cutters and was thrilled with the results.
  20. kgizo

    Have this on layaway....thoughts?

    I think it is pretty and looks promising. When do you get it?
  21. kgizo

    Photos of Lightbox Jewelry

    I like the colors more in your pics than LB’s. Seems to shift and look almost teal in some lighting, very cool. Glad you will be resetting it as the LB setting does nothing for it. Excited to see your completedring.
  22. kgizo

    My family heirloom....4 stone, 1930s OEC cluster

    I love your inherited ring and it looks perfect on you. It is fabulous and wonderful to have a piece of family history you can enjoy.
  23. kgizo

    Confused please help!

    I like the idea of a halo, but since your other half doesn’t that’s up to you as a couple. What about an eternity or adding pave to the shank? You could try a few stacks, maybe a pink diamond one in between two white diamond stacks. I really like the proportion of your center diamond with the...
  24. kgizo

    New engagement ring!

    It’s gorgeous!!! Congrats on your engagement!
  25. kgizo

    Thoughtful gifts that fall a little flat

    Did he get you the bracelet just because or for an occasion? Since you acted like it was the most gorgeous thing ever perhaps you can say that it is so delicate you are afraid to wear it and could the two of you exchange it for something else? Praise whatever he got right and try to stay close...
  26. kgizo

    Antique reproduction

    I’m pretty sure a few PSers have bought from her. Try posting your question in Hangout as that gets more traffic.
  27. kgizo

    The Scam of Brilliant Earth

    Sorry you are having such a horrible experience with BE. Thanks for posting this review as it will help others. I hope everything gets sorted out in time for a Christmas proposal, but if not the important thing is you have a wonderful partner and the proposal will be forthcoming.
  28. kgizo

    Finally! A "true" photo of the green of Alexandrite!

    Beautiful! So glad you got an accurate picture of your ring.