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  1. OoohShiny

    Alibaba Strikes Deal with Antwerp Trade

    Interesting - given the size of the Chinese market (according to the article) HRD Antwerp would seem to be looking to seriously increase their market share of the grading reports market. I'm slightly confused by this, though: How is any consumer going to scan a QR code engraved on a diamond...
  2. missy

    Public transportation and the right to eat while taking it...yes or no?

    Exactly. The trains feel so much more unsafe than ever before (in my time traveling on them) and just as Annette said-no one cares if you take out a candy bar or something unobtrusive and easy and not messy (low blood sugar is not something to play around with and of course I am not against...
  3. hearts-arrows_girl

    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    The center stone looks like a round to me, with metal corners on the setting. Hmmm.
  4. westjenn

    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    Here's actress Aly Michalka's ring. According to E Online: "This is a vintage-style engagement ring with a 2-3.5 Princess cut center stone," shares Ghanimian, CEO of Simon G Jewelry. He estimates the platinum ring costs between $20,000 and $30,000.
  5. S

    Conflict at work, how to deal?

    Hi, Allycat- It seems so improbable that J would be so terribly upset about how she looked when you addressed the schedule situation, but is unconcerned that she will have no consequences from not doing the signout. I do agree that you should have e-mails or some record of these...
  6. Brown.Eyed.Girl

    A Reader's Bucket List

    Great thread! I have a book recommendation list saved as an e-mail draft (as an English major and now English teacher, I get asked for book recs a lot :P). My list is more skewed towards sci-fi/fantasy/young adult/historical fiction, but it's certainly not comprehensive at all, but it's a...
  7. Callisto

    Is this dendritic agate too chunky for my tiny hand?

    Ooo love this option. I ditto that its too big for a ring.
  8. tonyc2387

    Way to link to a specific post instead of a whole thread?

    Just an observation... this isn''t quite as simple when you''re, say, looking to link to an older post from a user with x00 or x,000 posts. Not that this method is really any less complicated, but you could take this link: And then mouse...
  9. TravelingGal

    Do you ever wonder how the PS''ers who don''t post here any more are doing?

    Honestly, I am surprised sometimes when longtime posters just leave but I know I shouldn''t be. But sometimes your interested in whatever forum you are posting in just die. I was on a travel forum for about 6 years and a well known poster, and one day I just stopped. I just moved on. That''s...
  10. DearBuddha

    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    Salma Hayek''s set literally just made my heart jump! How gorgeous! But I thought she switched up her e-ring after she split from her fiance. I thought she originally had an oval and then suddenly she was pictured with a honkin'' asscher? Am I right? Regardless, her set is TDF. The ring and...
  11. Lorelei

    Do you ever wonder how the PS''ers who don''t post here any more are doing?

    Ditto that, its great to have other areas where we can chat and discuss other things. I am mainly in RT but I do enjoy the other forums also.
  12. Lynn B

    We want your suggestions!

    I just now found this new forum! What a wonderful, gracious topic for you guys (Ali and Andrey) to bring up to us! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I, too, would LOVE to see PMs brought back. It was such a nice way to personally communicate with someone that you just *click* with and want to get to know...
  13. peaches

    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    I am WAY behind on these celebrity stories. She split up with her fiance at some point??
  14. Italiahaircolor

    Would the disappearance of Pricescope really affect you?

    I would be terribly sad. I love pricescope in general, I love the people on this site. I enjoy the whole experience so much, that if it were suddenly gone, I think I would go into a bit of a panic. A few months ago I changed my e-mail address, and was locked out of PS because I didn''t...
  15. Irishgrrrl

    Would the disappearance of Pricescope really affect you?

    LOL! Italia, this totally sounds like something I would make my DH do! And yes, I would be very sad if PS went away.
  16. decodelighted

    Republican Discussion -with RULES-

    I don''t think I broke a rule ... did you, Starsapphire? FWIW I posted here earlier to give McCain credit for his SNL bit. P-o-s-i-t-i-v-e. What a wonderful concept!
  17. LaurenThePartier

    Back from Maui, with pics from Richter & Son''s at the Grand Wailea

    Angeline - thanks! NEL - I had an amazing time, but spent probably about 2 hours total in this shop! It was awesome! Atroop - that Asscher was amazing - and on fire. The shank was a little thick for my taste, which is part of what made it seem too big on me, I think. If it had a 3mm shank...
  18. CDNinNYC

    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    I checked but couldn''t see if this photo of Ali Larter''s e-ring has already been posted. Hope it''s not a duplicate!
  19. neatfreak

    My PS gift earrings are here! ACA studs in w-prong settings!

    They are here! A huge THANK YOU to Ali and Andrey for my pricescope gift which went towards funding these gorgeous sparklies. And of course a big thank you to all my fellow posters here-without you I wouldn't have been able to rack up 10,000 posts and thus wouldn't have these beautiful earrings...
  20. Allison D.

    PS Mommies Thread!

    Thanks, T! Yah, I have no idea how it works, either, but I''m hoping there is a way to work it. I don''t know if it would be possible to isolate the pics or if it would mean the entire thread, but whatever it would take would be a fine solution. I have to confess, it stems from a selfishness...
  21. Lynnchee

    Help Me Choose One Diamond

    I don''t know! Ali told me that only links to personal videos, such as Youtube were forbidden. I guess I should study the forum rules a bit better because I broke 2 rules already about posting stuff I''m not supposed to. Anyway, I will be posting pics as soon as I get the E-ring. My FI...
  22. Skippy123

    Congratulations Tacori and Skippy!

    Thank you Friends! Tacori, I am super duper excited as well to share this honor w/you; you are such a sweetie!!!!
  23. bling*diva*

    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    ~~Did anyone watch InStyle Celebrity Weddings?? My fav rings were Ali Landry & Aonika Thomas (Sean Patrick Thomas' wife); Ali has a 2 carat diamond in a vintage setting & Aonika has a 3 stone rb e-ring w/ a shared prong eternity band!!! So classic!!
  24. Kaleigh

    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    I did, that was great!!! I agree Ali''s and Aonika''s rings were amazing!!! I am such a sucker for those shows.
  25. M

    New England Brides

    I''m a Boston Bride. I live in CT now, but the wedding will be in my "home" state of MA. The wedding is (gulp) 38 days away! Ack!!! We LOVE our photographer. She did an e-pic shoot for us that was amazing. her website is I wanted a female so I would feel comfortable...
  26. mrssalvo

    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    I watched too and agree with the favs. I also thought the Rascal flatts guy''s wife rings were pretty, very non-traditonal but still very pretty..
  27. AGBF

    Do You Have a Favorite Gold Designer?

    I know The Gold Palace, although I have never bought anything from them. I have been very much aware of the site for years and from time to time I e-mail the owner (Aziz Ali, I think) asking if he has earrings that I saw in white gold available in yellow or earrings that I saw in a short length...
  28. ndnyhagen

    need help! Princess cut e-ring w/trillions... need suggestions for wedding band!

    Ali, Why not work on a custom designed band with a competent jeweler? They should easily be able to collaborate with you on a half-eternity band, my preference due to future sizing challenges, that molds itself around your engagement ring. I''m not sure but I think that Reese Witherspoon''s...