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  1. L

    VC engagement ring review

    My fiancée and I had decided before getting engaged that since I love jewelry, reading about jewelry/diamonds and will be wearing my engagement ring forever, it made sense for me to decide what I would like, especially since I don’t wear rings and had no idea what style I even wanted initially...
  2. M

    what to look for when receiving/examining proved jewelry?

    I've gone and bought my first piece if ebay jewelry after doing some research and some serious browsing. There were a few pieces that I've liked over the last few months, but many were more than I would like to spend as an inexperienced antique/thrifter, others were blatant repos or I just...
  3. F

    Seeking/Reviewing 1.5 Round Diamonds Under $13,000

    Hello, My partner and I are engagement ring shopping. We are both very new to the world of jewelry and diamonds, but have been trying to research as much as possible and this website has been incredibly helpful. Here are our criteria: Shape: Round Carat: 1.4 - 1.6 Clarity: VS2 + [I am a “mind...
  4. DiamondLil2468

    "Is it real" questions?

    @throughthemist that Ring is Gorgeous :kiss2: Congratulations on the Career Milestone too I can't think of a better way to mark the occasion than with some Bling Bling ✨✨✨ Regarding the Question I do think it depends on who asks the Question and how but either way your ring is certainly Real...
  5. rainydaze

    Need help to decide if that's well worth the money? 1.08carat

    Personally I would go for something like this diamond: or if you absolutely must have VS1 this: or this (it's on hold though) In...
  6. Cozystitches

    Etsy Bracelet?

    Thanks @Queenie60 and @rocks I've actually shied away from this seller, only because of the minimal amount of reviews sad :(( The pieces of jewelry are beautiful, but she only has 61 reviews and been on etsy since 2013. I've found this seller (who has lots more reviews, and easily contacted)...
  7. OdetteOdile

    What else are you all into?

    I love ballet - specifically going to the ballet. I love learning about it, reading reviews, and talking to my best friend about it. My dream is to have an apartment in NYC and to be able to go to the ballet almost every night. I have so much admiration for these dancers who dedicate their...
  8. annagene12

    Are we too elitist & doing 99% of newbies a disservice?

    So, I think instead of speculating about what newbies want - it may be good to get a newbie's thoughts. I really value PS for the wealth of knowledge that is exchanged freely here. No user is paid to do it, and it is done because people have a love for it and experience to draw upon that I...
  9. R

    Quick lightbox review: cushion pendant, cushion studs, round studs; all white

    Thank you! If you land on any you like and want to keep, I’d love to see pictures. My husband got me the 5/8 cushion bracelet. It faces up small but has a ton on sparkle. I’m eventually going to have it re-set into another bracelet of some sort. I don’t like that the basket is always flipping...
  10. H

    How did you happen to find PS?

    For our second anniversary we took a trip to Sonoma County where I discovered yellow diamonds in a jewelry store window display. When we got home I started googling "yellow diamonds" and Diamonds by Lauren popped up. I found PS by searching for Diamonds by Lauren reviews. That was in 2007. 12...
  11. Daisys and Diamonds

    What else are you all into?

    hold onto that dream it will be wounderful i love the ballet its just so beautiful i have been known to cry we never made the most of living in Wellington where the RNZB is based. the shows that interested me would always seem to clash with a big bill that was due and with commuting me got lazy...
  12. psadmin

    About to get this diamond! Please let me know if there are any issues

    Happy to share. I should probably make a page for this. :-) We get many requests to be sponsor vendors and many of them are not eligible because of the vetting process. The vetting process has helped keep the pool PriceScope sponsors a great choice for everyone. Many of the Sponsors have...
  13. CSpan

    Emerald Band: Bad idea or Worst Idea

    I have been drooling over some of the gorgeous Emerald bands in this forum and throughout PS. They are gorgeous in their channel set glory and I would love to add that line of color to my collection. I currently have a sapphire band that I try and be careful with but I know it is much harder...
  14. swaye2010

    Interview Series -jhollywood designs

    Before I started typing out my questions, I went back to your blog page to read some of your newer posts and I still crack up. Your personality really comes through in your writing and makes me even more excited about moissanite. So you have been around for 10 years now, were you always...
  15. MainSequence

    Sapphire question - is this a window?

    I actually ordered 4 online (two are very similar, just a 0.2mm difference in depth and I'm terrified of mixing them up so I do not take them out of their cases at the same time!) I'd love the capability of seeing all their stock in person, but at the same time I'm learning a lot being able to...
  16. lovedogs

    Bought Engagement Ring With Knot Help!(Si1)

    Is the no return policy in writing? Unfortunately, this is not a great GIA XXX (if you've read stuff around here, you'll likely know that GIA XXX is very broad and doesn't actually mean excellent cut). Also, knots aren't great and do pose significant risk. Finally, read CAREFULLY the fine...
  17. P

    Help me build a rainbow skittle stack - what are your favorite gems of each color?

    Hi out there, :wavey: This is a thread for everyone to post their favorite gem/shade of that gem in each color family - assuming you'd be setting into a ring (more durable is better). I just got into colored gems, still learning, and I love neon/saturated colors, so naturally I want one of...
  18. bling_dream19

    Now I really did it :((

    Thank you @missy your post was so sweet. And YES next time I would love to go DBL, IDJ, and PFG with YOU! That would be soo fun!!! And yes, you are very right. Change is inevitable. One step at a time. I think we will always be back to visit OG and we will always be back to Jersey to visit...
  19. violet3

    Looking to buy some pave bands - please weigh in

    Hello all! I am looking to purchase two small diamond bands and have found several online options. My budget is small, but there were a couple of decent options on and Etsy that I liked. I wondered if I post the links if you'd be willing to weigh in with your opinions? I wear...
  20. missy

    Now I really did it :((

    GM lovely ladies and happy Big and small dog Sunday. Thank you dear Marcy. And hopefully yes the new phone works. I haven't had an opportunity to use it as a phone and truth be told I am enjoying my old phone out of the case right now lol so using that on wireless. It still works on wireless...
  21. the_mother_thing

    Is this Alexandrite good value?

    A person who has been dealing in gems & jewelry - and specializing in alexandrite for 19+ years - would have some online presence, reviews, etc. I just did a quick search for that name - which I have never heard of - and found nothing. I would suggest searching/reaching out to
  22. yssie

    Diamond change anxiety- help?

    This is such an awesome visual - thank you for sharing @distracts!! Ditto @kenny, a quality 10x loupe is far superior to a poorly made loupe with higher magnification - the more the magnification the less forgiving the focal range. I love my Bausch & Lomb Hastings triplet. Have heard excellent...
  23. missy

    Now I really did it :((

    Happy Caturday Saturday and happy Lunar New Year dear girls! Oh Kate, your new ring is gorgeous. :love: It is the perfect complement to Ever and the combo is TDF on you. I am so happy for you!:appl:When you visit we have to do a photo shoot. And I hope Katie can come too! Oh no about your...
  24. SparkleC

    Seeking Advice: First Time Buying a Loose Stone or Created a Ring

    Hello Fellow Lovers of Beautiful Things: I'm a long, LONG, time lurker making my first post. I've learned so much from this amazing group of folks, who so generously share their wisdom and feedback. Thank you so much!! I'm finally coming out of the shadows to ask for your guidance. In the not...
  25. CBPearllover

    Help in Dallas, bad Jared experience

    Good evening! I'm a long-time Pricescope lurker, and recently new to join and contribute. I want to start by thanking the multitude of experts and gem lovers who have contributed their knowledge to this forum. It's an invaluable resource, I'm grateful! So I'm in the process of helping my future...
  26. canuk-gal

    Now I really did it :((

    I LOVE this ring!
  27. Keeliamira

    Now I really did it :((

    Thank you for the well-wishes @marcy ! I’m very thankful my recovery was easy. Shoot! I can’t believe I missed you in Scottsdale! Meeting up would have been so fun! Please let me know if you make it back here. You are so right about the Peachtrees, lol. Everything here is laid out in a grid and...
  28. S

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    Thank you, @elle_71125! I'm most flattered, because you are the queen of CS! :love: The two emerald bands and the marquise-round-brilliant diamond bands are from Ferkos Fine Jewelry on Etsy. I've been eyeing her dainty, minimalist pieces for a while, and finally decided to pick something up...
  29. elle_71125

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    Thank you. I’ll have to check them out. They really are so beautiful.
  30. headlight

    Help, second guessing all around

    Hi! First of all, don’t feel silly. And, yes, this is supposed to be fun but for some reason it is often highly stressful (as evidenced by all the similar posts here!). And, yes, you are a glutton for punishment lol! I’ve worked on more than 1 jewelry project at the same time and it consumed...