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  1. 4Ranch Girl

    Bday present for my lovely wife: Did I do OK ?

    I have seen NL strands from there and the are TDF plus NL is very, very picky ( say this in a loving way because she is my BFF) but all her pearls are held to a very high standard.
  2. lovebug1031

    Ladies of Pricescope, I need your help! (makeup thread)

    THIS times a million! Even if you only invest in one neutral shadow palette - do it! Urban Decay makes some great shadows, as does MAC (Veluxe Pearl is my favorite finish - woodwinked and expensive pink are great colors) I have a makeup "problem" much like most of you on this forum have a...
  3. SB621

    My Review on my Aqua Braclet

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place and if not then my apologies in advance. I will ask the mods to please move to the correct place. I want to first say that I have always appreciated vendor reviews on PS before so I will try to keep this as fair and accurate as possible. I will say...
  4. I

    Which PRETTY for DECO? (Deciding 10K PS Gift ... Again!)

    Re: Which PRETTY for DECO? (Deciding 10K PS Gift ... Again! A-ha! My internet intuition was correct! (Just going to pretend I didn't see and almost sort of like that D&G number... :cheeky:) I do love that men's Movado you posted but it is definitely suffering from a lack of bling and MoP...
  5. digitaldevo

    Liability and ungraded stones

    I know not all Thai Ebay vendors are bad, what I stated is most of them are, and that is a fact I have proven over and over again. Not long ago I bought stones from about 100 Thai vendors on Ebay that had top feedback and had glowing reviews on many forums. What I got in return for money spent...
  6. Arkteia

    Liability and ungraded stones

    OK that is scary. But since gem dealers here still have to buy from, say, Thai vendors (or at gem shows, but often from the same vendors) and not everyone goes on gem safaris (and if they do, they also have to buy from someone), they resell Thai material at an overhead. Really top-quality...
  7. alli_esq

    Please, tell me: KNOCK IT OFF!!!

    TravelingGal: I know, I really do need a better phone. It''s ridiculous. I can certainly get a free phone if I sign for another 2 years, but that means that I''ll be stuck with a phone I don''t want for the next 20 months, and I''ve been holding out. My dad was going to upgrade and give me...
  8. Harleigh

    I''d Rather Try on Bikinis...Pictures Inside!

    Thanks so much for the resources, Gypsy! I have already found it much cheaper online, so I will keep track and when I decide, go with the lowest I can find! I''ll keep you posted! Congrats, too, BTW, on ordering your new dress! Any luck with the sale of your Rivini?
  9. Gypsy

    I''d Rather Try on Bikinis...Pictures Inside!

    I just ordered mine tonight from Netbride. For Mon Cheri they couldn''t go lower than the manufacturer''s suggested price themselves, but would match if I found the dress advertised for less somewhere else. So I googled, found it cheap on another (random) site, emailed Paula over there, and BAM...