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  1. M

    Help looking for 9-10mm round blue sapphire, unheated

    Thats a nice sapphire. Along the darkness of sapphire I was looking for. I've heard that AfricaGems are sometimes overpriced, but wasn't sure how overpriced (eg. 10% markup? 20% markup?). They seem to get good reviews on PS and are on the recommended vendor list... Which Jeweler on the PS site...
  2. S

    Help! Pear cut sapphire stone for e-ring

    Dear PSers, Lurking here the past few weeks trying to learn as much as I can about sapphires, first time poster, first time gemstone owner. My BF and I fell in love with this pear Montana sapphire e-ring setting option at a local jeweler last week: However, I was crushed to discover the...
  3. sledge

    DK/BGD Custom Setting...The Home Stretch

    So just a quick overall update before I dive into specific comments: I've emailed DK and asked them what they specifically recommend for strength/durability to build the rings. I expressed some people believe platinum is a great choice; however, the tone of his last email left me thinking...
  4. marymm

    Unhappy LAD/Chloe customer

    OP - I find it hard to accept your initial statement that you waited more than 3 months to post this review. Customarily, people don't post reviews until a transaction is complete. In this case, you posted your review before you even received the final product. And ( notwithstanding your 9/10...
  5. ericad

    Unhappy LAD/Chloe customer

    To the OP: You left out a few critical bits of info. :) - You approved CADs on September 29th and my commitment was that the ring would be ready in approximately 5 weeks, which is a rush order as our typical production time is 6-8 weeks. As you well know, there was a fair bit of confusion...
  6. M

    Any way to test for platinum and genuine stones at home?

    I just bought an sapphire and diamond platinum eternity band on eBay from a reputable seller with good reviews who has a return policy. It just came today and instead of waiting until Tuesday to take it to a jeweler, is there any way to verify the metal and stones at home? To my eye it looks...
  7. C

    Found my Alexandrite

    Hi, Sorry you are disappointed. 'Meh' gems (by which I mean gems to which your reaction is 'meh') very rarely if ever grow on you so your instinct to return them is right. I think Marlow has it, to see more saturated colours (go down to 'Elements of Quality here to see difference between tone...
  8. Texas Leaguer

    Need help selecting H&A 1.29 or larger- pre loved ok too

    Pfunk, Regarding the link you referenced, I completely agree with you about the tone of that page and I have already made edits to it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Our site contains thousands of pages published over a 15+ year period- many were written well before I became part...
  9. Texas Leaguer

    Did my fiance get ripped off?

    There are alot of good pieces of advice in this thread. Above is some of the best. You can walk softly because you carry a big stick. Consumers today are greatly empowered. First, a good jeweler understands the need to do right by customers. Second, if it turns out that the jeweler is...
  10. the_mother_thing

    CADs are in - Alexandrite halo w/twist band

    I noticed the same tilt you did and made a note of that also. I like the tilted edge of the Adwar halo vs the rendering's "flat" looking halo. I am not understanding what you're suggesting though about tapering the white gold into the thickness of the rose gold, and the connection being longer...
  11. M

    Advice on getting a ruby for my ER

    Hi all, I've been lurking around this side of the forum for weeks now :wavey: Newbie trying to find a good quality ruby for my ER. I think I found a seller that I feel comfortable with, there are a couple of good reviews in this forum as well on wildfishgems. I tried speaking to several...
  12. J

    I need Some Guidance for an E-Ring

    Hello Everyone, first off I have been researching quite a bit about colored gems. My future other half really likes dark to medium hue green gems along with vintage mountings (pref. Pave or Channel). So naturally I have been looking at Emeralds first, found that it is really difficult to select...
  13. Sapphire1

    Choosing a Sapphire Ain't Easy..............

    @ Chrono: Thank you very much for your quick response ;) I mentioned to the sales girl that it would be great to: - have a stone with the proportions of the 2.66, but with the tone properties of the 3.15, But I didn't know if that was possible. I mentioned that I didn't like paying money for...
  14. pixies

    Five stone art deco inspired setting for my OECs

    I was originally going to add pricing/budget information but decided to wait until/if someone asked. I didn't want to get TMI on you guys lol. David can work with any budget, he gets many rave reviews for that. I really didn't think I could get this ring made for under 2k but he came through...
  15. John Pollard

    2011 Rapaport State of the Diamond Industry: The New Normal

    Martin Rapaport's "State of the Diamond Industry" presentation at JCK Las Vegas is a much-anticipated event. His 2011 theme discussed change, the "new normal" and the "new abnormal." Here is a short review, for those interested. (The full 99-minute video can be seen here) * * * * * “The USA...
  16. setell

    GoG and James Allen review

    Not sure where to post this but I just wanted to voice my unhappiness with James Allen. Sorry if it’s in the wrong forum. First of all, I just wanted to thank those that come to the forum and provide very insightful information about diamonds! I have learned so much from Price Scope that it’s...
  17. TooPatient

    The LIW Small Talk Thread

    Blonde. I just read the reviews from other customers. Only two, but very mixed.
  18. sunnyd

    The LIW Small Talk Thread

    Try it and see!
  19. R

    Need help choosing Pearl strand for mom!!!

    Hey guys, Here''s the story: my mom had a very, very nice set of pearls for many years. But for my sister''s wedding, she gave them to her as a gift. If I remember correctly, it was a long strand of pearls, which you could wrap over twice. They weren''t huge, but they were really beautiful and...
  20. arjunajane

    OEC bezel pendant - what to do?

    Thanks, SB, thats very kind of you to say.. So, I dropped her off with the jeweller this arvo - she confirmed for me it is exactly what I was told - 0.47ct, I think it was G VS1. I have to say again how happy I was with this ebay transaction She also agreed its a very pretty stone, and was...
  21. N

    Philadelphia Jewelers Row, one person''s experience.

    Hi, I’d like to thank the Pricescope contributors and particularly this forum for all the education and experience that has helped my purchase an e-ring for the first (and hopefully last) time. In return, I’d like to describe my 3-week experience over 10 stores looking for a stone in...
  22. A

    My experience with WhiteFlash, Good Old Gold, Quest Jewelers and Martin Fuller (extremely long winde

    Like many other people on this board, I was a lurker on pricescope (and diamondtalk) for about 2-3 months before I went ahead and made a purchase. I ended up working with four vendors who are frequently mentioned on this message board. I wanted to share my experience as I feel this site can...
  23. S

    Engagement Rings Direct: A Great Experience

    I just wanted to post on what a positive experience I had dealing with Mark @ Enagagement Rings Direct. I live in the Philly suburbs and had 2 less-than-pleasant experiences with local jewelers who completely took on a used car salesman mentality (not to mention a limited selection of diamonds...