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  1. Gypsy

    Noobie here looking for help and reassurance.

    I can walk you through what my thought process would be. First thing is to check the appraiser. This is the place: 16 good yelp reviews. Seems okay. Then you read them and you notice most of the people on there are...
  2. G

    Wink Jones- 5 Stars, 10/10, Fantastic Experience!

    My wife Fran and I started shopping for a new diamond ring for her several months ago. We visited local jewelers, chain engagement ring stores, and a few area Costcos. Along the way, we started doing a little online research and were fortunate enough to learn about Wink Jones and Crafted By...
  3. T

    How Whiteflash and PriceScope Are the Reason She Smiles :)

    Re: How Whiteflash and PriceScope Are the Reason She Smiles Thanks to all of you, your kindness and replies are truly warming to the heart. It really is a beautiful set, but not nearly as beautiful as its wearer. That said, there is one final, very important and unfortunately, long-winded...