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  1. Gypsy

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi All, Going to be posting under a different name from now on. I am retiring my Prosumer name. I am going do some social media posts for some vendors, annoymously. It's not a full time gig or anything close, so I am still doing very serious job hunting. But it was worth the opportunity to go...
  2. Gypsy

    Anyone do voice work?

    a-s-80, az-stone and sarah thank you, that was very helpful! I am having trouble with PS so can't see past posts to see all your names. But I have sent this thread to my husband (he is on PS rarely under MisterGypsy).
  3. Gypsy

    Ebay engagement ring??

    Ditto this. I've gotten a handful of great deals on ebay. Most of which I did resell. That's in 10 years. All of them were under "diamond ring" or "diamond band". Little to no detail, and terrible images. Not something I would advise anyone do for an engagement ring.
  4. Gypsy

    Not sure where to start with Diamond Pendant Necklace

    That sucker is GORGEOUS. And the double bezel setting makes it look much larger than diamonds set differently.
  5. Gypsy

    Ebay engagement ring??

    I'm sorry, this post makes me just laugh. Somewhat hysterically. YES. You could write a book as thick as the bible with things to look out for. Buying an engagement ring is already a hard process. You want to take the Double Black Diamond route. The question is WHY? WHY do you want to shop...
  6. Gypsy

    Have to ask you guys Asscher vs OEC

    In your case? You had a GLORIOUS step cut. If you aren't head over heels, definitely try an OEC.
  7. Gypsy

    Not sure where to start with Diamond Pendant Necklace

    Agree with Pinto Bean. I am a size 16 and small delicate pieces are easily overwhelmed. I would make sure you try on a number of pieces before spending any money. You can do it pretty easily. Just go to Tiffany. Or any place that has a number of solitaire pendants, and maybe some halo ones...
  8. Gypsy

    What type of gifts do you like to receive?

    I rarely get presents, except from my husband, unless cash or gift cards. Don't get me wrong, I love giftcards and cash, and appreciate them very much. But it's just fun to have the tactile experience of actually opening gifts and since I rarely get them, I think it is more fun. So this is a...
  9. Gypsy

    Help me evaluate a cushion ASET

    Pricing and timeline Yes, I am very happy with SK's work on my engagement ring. But this is a busy time. A VERY busy time. So, if you have a timeline to manage to, then SK may not work for you in terms of timing.
  10. Gypsy

    3 stone ring: oval with round sides??

    Depends on the stones and the cutting. If you do OEC sides, what is the cut on the round gemstone in the center? If you do an oval gemstone... is it a poor native cut with a window?
  11. Gypsy

    3 stone ring: oval with round sides??

    For example.
  12. Gypsy

    3 stone ring: oval with round sides??

    What size are the stones? Dimensions not weight. Do you have the center already? And yes, I think ovals with round sidestones look nice, provided the proportions work.
  13. Gypsy

    Been carrying this around for too long

    LLJsmom said it better than I could. ((HUGS))
  14. Gypsy

    Dust for my new rescue pup

    Poor kiddo. TONS OF RECOVERY AND TRIUMPH dust. And hugs for you and your family. It's hard to feel helpless in the face of an animal's suffering.
  15. Gypsy

    Custom Pear Setting Video from IDJ!!!

  16. Gypsy

    Help me evaluate a cushion ASET

    Call Yekutiel at IDJ, he has a hand forged bench. That's what I'd do.
  17. Gypsy

    What do you think about this diamond?

    Looks very nice.
  18. Gypsy

    Opinions please! To match or not to match?

    I would also go for a plain shank. Personally, BGD has some of my favorite all time solitaires. It's just depends on your style. I like diamonds for the wedding band to pair with it. Classic look, IMO.
  19. Gypsy

    Who is your favorite person?

    My husband.
  20. Gypsy

    Help me evaluate a cushion ASET

    Then all three should be fine, in terms of spread (the F is 6.22x6.67), color and clarity. There's nothing I'd worry about with any of them. It's just a matter of relative performance. Yes, the original stone I posted (the H Vs2) is an A in performance. Definitely. Unless someone asks me to...
  21. Gypsy

    Help me evaluate a cushion ASET

    Ask for an ASET if you like any of these (or ask GOG or other vendor if they can get the stone in for you, they often can, and I personally wouldn't buy a stone from a drop shipper if I had another option, even if it meant paying a bit more)...
  22. Gypsy

    Help me evaluate a cushion ASET

    It's square, but yes at the edge of truly square. But cushions aren't princesses. They aren't supposed to be square. So there is no l/w ration "ideal". And frankly slightly elongated looks better on most fingers when set N/S. Table is fine, absolutely fine. What we really worry about with...
  23. Gypsy

    Help me evaluate a cushion ASET

    They do that. We have lurkers. Let me know if you need another. Tis the season though... ;))
  24. Gypsy

    Help me evaluate a cushion ASET

    What I'd buy: Just actually MOVE on this one. :))
  25. Gypsy

    Help me evaluate a cushion ASET

    A number of reasons. Yes, it does have some leakage. But the problem for me is that the crown facets are largely green. I've seen stones like this in real life. Compared them to better performing stones and they look smaller than their dimensions. It's a waste of money for me. You want edge to...
  26. Gypsy


  27. Gypsy

    lowest clarity and color for BN signature and JA true heart?

    Re: lowest clarity and color for BN signature and JA true he BN's Signature's are guaranteed eyeclean. JA's Truehearts, to my knowledge, are not. As for color? It's personal. I am fine with J/K's for solitaire earrings for 2 ctw and under and so are many experienced buyers. But stones have to...
  28. Gypsy

    What I hate the most about CA.

    Oh my gosh, are you kidding me. While my kitten would be in there, soaked, trying to catch them. Poor Harry wouldn't even know what they were. He definitely needs "household" socialization. I don't think he's had much experience inside the house. He is startled and inexperienced with...
  29. Gypsy

    Now I really did it :((

    Poking my head out of my shell to wave hello and to help Scandi translate dog to cat. Dogs, in my experience, are like beer. Some are simple, some are complex, and yes if you handle them wrong the bottle can explode... but over all, you open the bottle and it is ready to drink... and if you like...
  30. Gypsy

    Help me evaluate a cushion ASET

    To met is a pass.