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  1. 2Neezers

    Show Me Your Barry/ACS Gemstones, Please and Thank You!

    This is gorgeous! :love: It looks amazing in that setting!
  2. 2Neezers

    Tsavorite engagement ring!

    It is gorgeous! :love: Congratulations!
  3. 2Neezers

    Catch all thread - talk or better yet show us

    I didn’t want to start a thread for this question, so I hope it’s okay to ask here :)) . I’ve been think about buying this setting from JA for a sapphire I have and am wondering if the opening on the back side would be big enough to thoroughly clean the stone? I’m a little o.c.d. about cleaning...
  4. 2Neezers

    Indicolite Tourmaline Questions

    Thank you for the tips on buying tourmaline! They are helpful :))
  5. 2Neezers

    Found My OMG Sapphire and My Ring is Done!

    Congratulations on your OMG sapphire! :love: It’s a gorgeous stone and it looks amazing in the setting and beautiful on your hand!
  6. 2Neezers

    Is this sapphire too dark?

    If she is open to a pear shaped stone, this one looks like beautiful blue/green and it‘s well cut, plus it’s 25% off right now.
  7. 2Neezers

    Looking for a sapphire

    There is a nice looking Jeff White Montana sapphire listed on Loupe Troop. Gene from Precision Gem has listed a few sapphires in the 5.5-6mm range recently. You could sign up on his...
  8. 2Neezers

    Bought a Lavender Spinel on eBay, but what is it really?

    Thanks everyone! :wavey: I am going to assume it’s a lavender CZ. I asked the seller how he determined it was spinel. He said he purchases the pieces that are in his store from estate sales, and if he is unsure of what something is he sends it to his jeweler. He said he had never heard of spinel...
  9. 2Neezers

    Bought a Lavender Spinel on eBay, but what is it really?

    I stumbled across a listing on eBay for a 12mm Lavender Spinel set in a sterling silver mount that came on a 14k chain for $80. An estate piece estimated to be from the 70’s or 80’s. The seller said he took the piece to his jeweler who told him it was a spinel and he assumes it is natural. I...
  10. 2Neezers

    Looking for a sapphire

    The first one you posted from Gemfix looks like a beautiful choice. The price is on the high side, but you the color looks very pretty, it’s precision cut and it has a high clarity of VVS. It would be my top pick aside from the price. I love it! Here are few options I have seen in around in a...
  11. 2Neezers

    Tsavorite extinction help - too dark or salvageable?

    I would return it too. Jerry has recut the pavilion of a couple of darker tsavs for me, and it did make a difference with the extinction issue, but I only had them recut because I couldn’t return them. I like darker stones like the Tsavorite you bought from Yvonne. I have found that precision...
  12. 2Neezers

    Where would I find little natural rubies?

    They seemed high to me too.. Multicolour has these orangy red 4.3mm rounds. It says you can purchase up to 4, but I would recommend contacting them directly to see if they could match you a suite if you are...
  13. 2Neezers

    Where would I find little natural rubies?

    Africa Gems has a couple of options for 4.5mm calibrated ruby rounds. They are sold individually, but if you contact Marc the owner, I‘m pretty sure he could match a three piece suite. He runs sales often and has one starting tomorrow for 20% off...
  14. 2Neezers

    Evaluating two blue sapphires

    I was rooting for the big oval! It looks gorgeous :love:
  15. 2Neezers

    Voce's Gemstone Ramblings...

    This is so beautiful @voce :love:! I love the center stone and the color combination with the accent stones. The angles of the halo make it look like a beautiful flower in bloom. It‘s very special and I keep coming back to look at it :love:.
  16. 2Neezers

    Help me design a heirloom ring

    It’s beautiful! :love: I love the feminine design with all of the milgraining and the minty stone.
  17. 2Neezers

    Rubellite set for Christmas

    It’s a gorgeous stone and I love the ring style :love:. It looks absolutely beautiful on your hand!!
  18. 2Neezers

    Can I get opinions on this spinel?

    Great finds @chroman! I have a few stones from Jeff Davies and the stones are beautifully cut. I find his medium to medium-dark stones, like the garnets, to be darker in person. You can see he has them directly under light in the video, so I usually keep that in mind and choose a stone that is a...
  19. 2Neezers

    Teal pear-shaped sapphire for an e-ring!

    I like the 2.06 ct the best of the two options. The teal stone in the second link is listed as sleepy, so make sure you are okay with that quality before purchasing a sleepy stone for your e-ring. The stone will have a bit of a silky look, rather than having a clear crystal look. I think most...
  20. 2Neezers

    Design phase : 7.7ct yellow sapphire

    The sapphire looks perfect in that setting @Niel :love:. Your mom is going to be so thrilled!!
  21. 2Neezers

    Can I get opinions on this spinel?

    If you like that color and are open to a garnet, Barry‘s store has re-opened and he has a pretty garnet he cut that’s available:
  22. 2Neezers

    How would you set this pear bright orange spess?

    I like the idea of a split shank bezeled pear like pictured. You could play around with the split shank and make the split as wide or narrow, straight or swoopy as you prefer. I like Sally’s twisted band for the split shank
  23. 2Neezers

    Voce's Gemstone Ramblings...

    Such gorgeous pieces you have added to your collection @voce ! :kiss2:
  24. 2Neezers

    Show Me Your Barry/ACS Gemstones, Please and Thank You!

    Thank you @Stone Hunter ! It definitely can look mauve, and it did when it was unset, but now that it’s set it mostly looks a lovely purple in person. It actually surprised me that it looked so purple when I picked it up from being set and the jeweler commented that it matched the purple top I...
  25. 2Neezers

    Show Me Your Barry/ACS Gemstones, Please and Thank You!

    I have had this spinel cut by Barry for a while now and just had it set in this mount from Aurosi Jewels. I had purchased the setting for another stone that ended up not fitting quite right, and as luck would have it this spinel fit perfectly! Barry described the stone as medium lilac color...
  26. 2Neezers

    advice pls on probable tourmaline

    Since you mentioned square as an option, here is a pair if 5.4mm squares. You could pick your favorite and use the other for another project. Since I haven’t seen your Alex, I’m not sure if they would be too close in color to it...
  27. 2Neezers

    advice pls on probable tourmaline

    Would you consider having a stone cut to match the size of your Alex? Most of the stones I am seeing are a bit larger than what you are looking for. The tourmaline below is bigger than what you need, but I think this plum/pink type color might work well with both color changes of the Alex.
  28. 2Neezers

    advice pls on probable tourmaline

    Are you wanting the tourmaline to be similar in size to your Alex? If so, Yvonne Raley on Etsy seems to be able to source single stones of that size. What is the mm size range you would like to stay within for the tourmaline?
  29. 2Neezers

    Catch all thread - talk or better yet show us

    Yes, I did receive it! It was pretty, but it didn’t wow me, and I since I already have plenty of stones that don’t wow me, I sent it back. The color was a nice green, though not super bright. The cut had a bit of a flat top and I prefer stones with a higher crown. I think it was likely still a...