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  1. stracci2000

    Where in the world to buy _______?

    Emeralds-Columbia Opals, Sapphires-Australia Nephrite Jade-New Zealand, British Columbia Sapphires-Sri Lanka, Thailand Tourmalines-Brazil, Maine Turquoise-Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada Tahitian pearls-Umm...Tahiti Larimar- Dominican Republic Amber-Baltic Countries Akoya pearls-Japan Cameos...
  2. stracci2000

    At what point are there too many bangles?

    I have two bracelets and a ring, all purchased in Honolulu. One bracelet is 8mm and the one in the photo is 12 mm. (the 8mm is in a safety deposit box) All in sterling because I couldn't afford gold!
  3. stracci2000

    At what point are there too many bangles?

    Yes, they say Ku'uipo. I knew about Hawaiian heirloom jewelry before visiting Hawaii. I bought my first bracelet in 1997. Then in 2004, I bought this wider one. To see some of the ladies with an armful of gold bracelets is stunning! And don't get me started on Ni'ihau shell jewelry! To die for...
  4. winnietucker

    At what point are there too many bangles?

    Will do if I get the second one! I ran out of time in Hawaii and had to fly back but might order one within the next month or two.
  5. W

    Rose Gold Bamboo Band

    Ever since I discovered Jessica McCormack on Instagram, I’ve been coveting her bamboo wedding bands. My husband and I got engaged and married in Hawaii, and he is obsessed with his Tiki mug collection, so the bamboo motif holds lots of sentiment for me. I’m in Texas, and Jessica McCormack is in...
  6. winnietucker

    At what point are there too many bangles?

    Oh yes, those are prized. I’ve had a feather hat band on my wish list for years. Not that I wear hats or anything. But my aunty made some for my dad a long time ago. He framed them and hung them. I was going to try my hand at making some. I was thinking sometime after I get through all my other...
  7. mrs-b

    Two new pearl projects

    Thank you, @bling_dream19! :wavey: So. The meanings behind each charm, going left to right.... 1. The prism is for a series of books I wrote called 'The Prism Series' 2. A manta ray, brought back from friends who vacationed in Hawaii one year. I was meant to go, got sick at the last...
  8. J

    Wearing white gold diamond ring 24/7?

    I have been wearing my white gold three stone ring for two years now, only taking it off in order to put my wedding band on. Sun, sea, sand, swimming, cleaning, etc. Now, I'm not sanding wood in it, and I did have to be careful climbing down a lava rocky cliff in Hawaii so I didn't scratch up...
  9. sjroberts

    Earring jackets that dangle?? Show me yours! Please & Thanks

    Oh misskittycat, holy moly those are gorgeous! I am really loving the diamonds too! I love how you matched the center diamonds with the golden pearls. Just lovely. We are going to Hawaii this January, maybe a great time to check out the aloha pearls. Thank you so much for all of your help...
  10. misskittycat

    Earring jackets that dangle?? Show me yours! Please & Thanks

    Sorry, I misread your post. I thought you were looking for ones around the $100 mark!! I have two pairs of south Sea pearls - the white ones above and another pair of gold SSPs. The white SSPs I bought from Pearl Society on eBay about 4 years ago and my Jeweller made the findings. They are...
  11. canuk-gal

    Need suggestions for 10th Anniversary

    ...Of course if you were flying into Montreal or TO at some point--and staying over--then that is another story. MMMMMmmmm shopping. I love Cartier--and the Orchid collection is really gorgeous. But I am a sucker for brands. Buccellatti Hawaii gold necklace would be a lovely. cheers--Sharon
  12. M

    Where to have a marquise cut wedding band made?

    I made this post before, but it disappeared after the site upgrade. I'm located in Hawaii and don't have access to affordable jewelers. I received quotes from David Klass and Aby Green on etsy, but I was wondering if there were any other vendors that are also recommended on here. I wanted to try...
  13. stracci2000

    Pearl opening/wish pearl/pick a pearl

    I have seen these kiosks in both Hawaii and Las Vegas. The oyster is dead and preserved in some liquid, and a pearl is artificially placed in there. I bought one of these pearls at a yard sale, and it still had the Maui Divers packaging with it. It appeared to be a black dyed akoya. I observed...
  14. FeFeV


    I've long time creeped on this forum and constantly used it as a basis of both understanding and comparison. Recently we purchased a double row 3/4 eternity ring for my wedding band. I do not have an engagement ring b/c I'm not fond of the look of them for me and the only ring that "spoke" to me...
  15. missy

    Now I really did it :((

    Good morning girls! SpringerSpaniel, thanks so much. I think it has helped because it was not an all of a sudden decision but instead I had time to think about it as I saw everything was changing in healthcare in general and my clinic specifically so it is a well thought out decision and while...
  16. Alex T

    Yellow Gold Ice Skate

    I love this! I love the size on you & the colour of the gold - it's so yummy! It has reminded me that somewhere in my jewellery box I have a flip-flop pendant that my mother brought me back from Hawaii years ago. It's white gold with a yellow gold flower on the toe post with a small diamond in...
  17. J

    Yellow Gold Ice Skate

    Thanks, Alex! I was lucky to find this pendant - it's just what I wanted! Summer is coming - I think you should wear your flip-flop pendant! It will make your mother happy to see you wear it! I also think you should post it here... :naughty:
  18. rainwood

    Now I really did it :((

    Missy, that red helmet is the bicycling equivalent of a really good piece of jewelry - stylish, well-made and just the right amount of flash! Love it. And fingers crossed for the next TNR attempt. I hope Ann gets several of the ferals. And I'd think that spring/summer would be peak season...
  19. V

    Your guess?

    Hmmm, id say it is a synth corundum. Does appear to be high karat gold like many people are speculating. Possibly 18k? I would say this piece was created sometime between 1960's-1980's, large synth color change stone rings were very popular as early as the 1930's, but i believe this to be a bit...
  20. Jimmianne

    Now I really did it :((

    AZ, can't remember if I mentioned this or you already know about it, but I've found Previcox to be a bit of a miracle [actually a big miracle] for my old horse. It's actually for arthritic dogs. She has been on it for about 4 years - without cannot move - with it acts half her age. Just a...
  21. Fly Girl

    Build Pearl Necklace Over Time For Daughter

    As I have gotten more into pearls during the past few years, I have grown to appreciate how immensely complicated it is to produce a nice looking piece of pearl jewelry. Your pearl necklace, if it is not matched at the time, will be a mismatch of sizes, shapes, luster and quality. It will be...
  22. NacreLover

    Please share your experiences on setting a pearl pendant

    Here is one of my Tahitian pendants that I just converted. I used to work at a custom jewelry store that sold lines of jewelry also. One of the companies made heavy cast gold rings and pendant/slides just for South Sea pearls. They sold them in Southern CA and Hawaii. I bought two pendants...
  23. Dee*Jay

    Lost things

    Circe, sometimes I swear you read my mind. I rarely (as in a few times a year) wear necklaces, but somehow I have a bunch of them. When I was in Hawaii a couple of years ago I bought one of those ubiquitous flower pendants, super tiny with an ever super tinier diamond in the center, and I had...
  24. baby monster

    #JOTW Show me your Luxury Watches!

    I'm with you on no diamonds on watch. Ballon Bleu is my dream watch. Midsize model in rose gold. I'm loving the larger faces on women's watches. Maybe it's the age but they are so much easier to read.
  25. S

    Turquoise beads: questions

    Hi, I have thought a little more about this and tried to remember what I have learned in the past. Often, they use a stone called howlite when they dye beads to look like turquoise. It is white and takes dye well. However, it does not absorb through the stone. So, if you can check...
  26. alice87

    Has anyone else felt disappointment......

    You are right. I looked at Tahitians, and they have a lot of dimples. There is no incredibly bright colors either. I do like their gold and silver design. I have several pieces and they seem to hold very well. I was in Hawaii, and their selection seems to be the same we have at our local store.
  27. koolchicken

    Finding a Setting

    Thanks for the tips FrekeChild! I actually live in Hawaii so going outside isn't really an issue for me, lol. Right now we're having "winter" so it rains a lot and it can be quite overcast most days (at least on my island and in the part of it I live in). Also this half of the year the sun is on...
  28. B

    Turquoise beads: questions

    Thanks --so very interesting. I did check and since the thread is somewhat stretched (they need restringing) I could see that the holes are blue as far in as I can see. I will be interested to see what the verdict is. I find them absolutely entrancing --even if fake they are really lovely...
  29. P

    Driving my partner crazy - please help!

    Hello PriceScope lovelies... Who knew there was a whole community of diamond lovers out there! Thank you for this amazing resource. I've been lurking, admiring & absorbing info for a few weeks so thought it was about time to post. My partner and I have been together for about 15 years and...
  30. H

    Has anyone else felt disappointment......

    alice87, next time you return to the islands check out Margo Pearl/Tahiti Pearl Market on Oahu. On Kauai, I've bought at Grande's Gems (Marriott Lihue and Kilohana Plantation), Jewel of Paradise in Hanalei (check out Mark Kaneshiro's pearls). I wouldn't touch strands there, but pendants and...