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  1. Lykame

    My 2 carat CBI diamond, set in a custom setting made by Durham Rose Jewellers, UK.

    I want to start this post with gratitude, so much gratitude. I'm not even in possession of my ring yet, because I'm going to pick it up next Wednesday, but I've been sent a video from the workshop and I'm desperate to share it. I also have lots to say about my journey up until now, for anyone...
  2. EmeraldEmpress

    Tiffany & Co. 16 stone Jean Schlumberger ring

    Thank you for the feedback! Your ring is lovely and it certainly does have an antique look to it! I actually have never seen anything like it at Tiffany's! The Tiffany ring I'm consdering is a modern style, but I absolutely LOVE antique stones and settings. I feel like platinum is durable, but...
  3. TheGarnetGirl

    My Rosey Blue-Green Gem Silica Ring

    Hello All! :dance: As some of you may remember I was recently-ish given a 14mm cushion shaped blue-green gem silica from my beau for Mothers Day. It was his first purchase for me alone that was perfect for me in all ways and I was gobsmacked as the poor guy cannot tell solid 14k from gold...
  4. U

    Negative experience with Cestsla Jewelry

    Hi, This is Meghan from C'estsla here to address the above posts. It's unfortunate that anyone would make a claim as inaccurate and untruthful as the ones above, especially given the fact that there really is no reason for it other than her assumptions. For all clarification purposes, this...
  5. enbcfsobe

    need morganite advice

    I might start by visiting a few local jewelers and asking them about stock settings that they have available in rose gold. They may be able to find you something extremely similar, or be able to make minor alterations to a stock piece to get this look. They should have catalogs you can look...
  6. U

    Negative experience with Cestsla Jewelry

    Again, there has never once been an issue with anyone whom I've sold a necklace or earrings . Period! U can't just make things up to cover what ur really writing this post about!! And why aren't u writing about ur bracelet? Because it's ridiculous! I offered to re-solder it back with a better...
  7. H8q

    HELP! Is the LEO cut REALLY worth the extra

    Thank you so much. I went ahead and called the the number and talked to them. They went over the process and it seems very easy. Looks like i am planning on possibly securing that 1.6 diamond! They are trying to get me a quote on the setting i am looking for. I wish I would have found this forum...
  8. diamondringlover

    Somebody's Gotta Buy This Eternity Band!

    Wow this seems like a really good deal to me any way..$799.99 BIN Designer Simon G solid 18K fancy yellow diamond eternity band! The style is MR1000 and...
  9. yssie

    Urgent! Newbie needs help for engagement ring (Did homework)

    Re: Urgent! Newbie needs help for engagement ring (Did homew -shank pinching/tapering in toward the head - just describe it and your jeweller will know what you mean! -metals - article here white gold 14/18k - most common alloy is nickel. Assuming she has no Ni-allergy obstacles. the bright...
  10. rainydaze

    Anyone own this Michael B. ring?

    a big round of mrssalvo!! that question has been asked many times and it is nice to have this explanation - thank you for being proactive and getting it! i must say though, for a moment my heart dropped. reading this made me think 'shoot! what did i do! maybe i really should have explored...
  11. niceice

    Memorial Diamonds out of Cremains - anyone do this? Need Info.

    I don''t have an opinion on the subject either way, but when the topic came up I remembered reading an article written on the subject by Robert James FGA, GG from the International School of Gemology and thought that it would provide a basis for expanding the scope of the conversation by...
  12. Wink

    Memorial Diamonds out of Cremains - anyone do this? Need Info.

    Since this has been opened for discussion, I want to introduce the following information from Robert James' newsletter that I receive. I have previously asked and received permission to share the information from his newsletters, but rather than excerpt I will reprint his newsletter in its...
  13. S

    Tacori from Dems--Jubilee from GOG Purchases

    I''ve posted on here a couple of times, mostly pertaining to the Tacori ring I was looking at-ht 2258 which I think is the panda, maybe the koala. I''ve spent countless hours reading and researching different topics, so I''m grateful to all who have contributed. In any case, I finally went...