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  1. U

    Negative experience with Cestsla Jewelry

    Hi, This is Meghan from C'estsla here to address the above posts. It's unfortunate that anyone would make a claim as inaccurate and untruthful as the ones above, especially given the fact that there really is no reason for it other than her assumptions. For all clarification purposes, this...
  2. ragrave

    Please help select 2 ct. diamond.

    Hi everyone, This is my first time posting here. I plan to purpose my girlfriend soon but can't find the diamond yet. I am looking for 2-2.5 carat round diamond, excellent/ideal cut, VS2, H or I color. My prince range is between 20,000-25,000. I found two diamonds that might be good...
  3. yssie

    show me cads and finished product

    Well, here we go... I hope this is helpful to some, at least! The CAD itself is just a design created using some software that allows 3D modelling. There are several products available - I've used Solidworks, I think Rhinoceros3D is popular for jewellery... the CAD, no matter what its purpose...
  4. DoctorD

    Have you been asked, "How much did you pay for that?"

    A few more thoughts have come to mind. Reminder: this website's Community Agreement says: I agree to help and respect each other, stay positive, considerate, and supportive. I agree to not participate in rudeness, personal attacks... Amazing that a post on the Internet can get people so riled...
  5. T

    New and totally lost! Help me surprise my fiance-to-be

    This post is rather long giving background info and the like, so I'll post a summary of facts at the top and you can feel free to skip out the story below. Budget: ~$4-5k - not set in stone Surprise: Yes Ages: low/mid twenties fresh out of college Ring size: 6.5 - 7 Shape: Round Tentative...
  6. P

    My dilemma-please help! and warning--this is a long post.

    Re: My dilemma-please help! and warning--this is a long post Hello :wavey:! I just wanted to give an update because I always love and appreciate the threads with updates :twirl: Final Result: Yay! No damage to the stone! {sigh of relief} BUT, the gold was 14k and not 18k like the jeweler...
  7. cushioncutnut

    Next stop...these!!

    Thank you brightlight! I too hate the idea of stock photos and possible photoshopping so that is why I gave them a call and asked all pertinent questions rather than buy "blindly" through the website. After speaking with them, they are true professionals. The saleslady really took her time...
  8. B

    Next stop...these!!

    I hope they''re spectacular so I can buy some earrings too and blame it on you.
  9. John Pollard

    our own John Pollard in a AGS podcast advertisement

    I do see the difference you''re speaking of, but I don''t think these goals are mutually exclusive. 1)Please give % from same base for GIA grading IDEX published an informative article on the labs here: According to the report...
  10. perry

    Irradiated Gemstones - Are they Hazardous? Not likely.

    I came across this today as I was browsing the NRC website at work today (a ligitimate work activity). I thought that it would be a worthy topic for Pricescope - and valuable information on what the procedures are for protecting the public. I belive that I had heard that diamonds were...
  11. Wink

    Cut quality

    Here is my take on this. When I graduated from the GIA in residence in 1975 I was determined to sell only Ideal cuts as that was what I loved. Over a period of a couple of years I found that some ideal cuts did not perform as well as some non ideals, especially those in the 60/60 range (60%...