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  1. OoohShiny

    Picking the right diamond

    FWIW I don't think we can class 58 as a 'large' table - if that were the case, a 60/60 would have an enormous table, nevermind those terrible MRB cuts with >60 tables! My understanding was that PS-recommended specs (which themselves favour Tolkowsky-like proportions rather than 60/60 stones...
  2. Txborn79

    15th Anniversary upgrade HPD CBI in Eternity by Yoni halo

    Hi all! Thought I’d share a little of my story and post some pictures of my upgrade. For our first 15 years of marriage, I wore a department store wedding set so probably the furthest from idea as you can get lol. When I started looking for something new in December, I couldn’t find anything I...
  3. sledge

    Picking the right diamond

    1.33 G VVS1 @ Yadav: 57 table, 61.9 depth, 35 crown, 40.8 pavilion and 75 LGF It has potential. You are paying for overkill on clarity. Many SI1 stones will be eye clean if buying from a vendor that stocks and vets their stones like WF. Buying on virtual inventory I'd be tempted to stay with...
  4. sledge

    Need help finding close to 2 carat round!

    No, I don't think it will appear dark. I do think you will see a slight tint when viewing the stone from the side. From the face up position I doubt you will see much difference. I only ask because I thought I was fairly safe buying an H for my fiancee. Turns out she is very color...
  5. Gadabout44

    Apologies for being the common engagement ring seeker, I could use some guidance.

    Hi Bron, thank you for being detailed with the term "eye clean". Definitely helpful knowledge that I can use with the search. I am not certain if online websites would list their diamonds as Eye Clean. I visited JamesAllen a few times and BlueNile, I do not think I've seen them list their...
  6. T

    Found a setting at Shane Co, worth it?

    A few suggestions for getting a solitaire and having her pick it out - she and I have talked in passing about it and she wants me to pick it out. Otherwise, that would be a great option! As for posting the GIA certificate, I can do that tomorrow, I have the number at home! I'd still rather...
  7. G

    1.21 carat H color SI1 vs. 1.01 carat E color VS2

    I'm not sure what warranty Shane co are offering that you wouldn't be getting from an online store. Your diamond is pretty reasonable value considering it's vs1. As for comparing the two diamonds, the HCA score is insignificant. Both are under 2 , 0.3 is not better than 1.8. They may have...
  8. P

    1.21 carat H color SI1 vs. 1.01 carat E color VS2

    Awesome, thank you so much for your help. I will look around some more but I might give this F diamond a shot. Like you said, they do have 30 day money back so I can always return it. What I like about Shane Co's warranty is they will do as many cleanings, re-sizings, replacing lost stones...
  9. junebug17

    Now I really did it :((

    Hello all! Missy, sorry this weekend was a dud weather-wise; we had crummy weather too, although I guess Sunday wasn't too bad. Kristie, the pics of Maggie and Finn in their little swim vests are beyond cute!!! :love: :love: :love: Wow, they are such gorgeous dogs! Luv2sparkle, I LOVE...
  10. B

    Best bang for my buck. Is buying online worth all the hype?

    Hello, I am new to the web site but am armed with months of studying diamond qualities in hopes of making my first purchase for an e-ring. I have been shopping everywhere from mall stores to online retailers. The setting my gf and I settled on is from Shane Co...
  11. W

    Newbie on a search for a diamond

    My fiancé and I are both very new to this whole ring search and we'd love some help! We found a setting we love at Shane co. But from reviews I've read on here, it may not be the best place to buy from. We're looking for a round cut around 3,000. I don't want the color too low and he doesn't...
  12. V

    Really confused on how it all works (buying diamonds online)

    Hey everyone, very new to the site. I'll try to spill all the beans very succinctly here. I've got a few months to get my girlfriend an engagement ring. My out the door budget is $5,000. Would love to only spend around $4,000. We're saving for a house, I'm about to have LASIK done in two days...
  13. vintagesparkleslover

    Opinions on this OEC

    Hello everyone :wavey: We have put an OEC on hold with JbEG and I wanted to get opinions from the experts here on it:!i=2650245320&k=vRhkTGw I also wanted opinions on settings I'm...
  14. M

    Shane Co vs. Blue Nile

    Hello, I am new to the forum but am currently in the market for an engagement ring for my girlfriend. After hours of research, I have narrowed it down to two vendors from which I want to order her ring from: Shane Co or Blue Nile. I really appreciate all of the information that Blue Nile...
  15. Ashley21

    Update: Good and Bad

    After talking with BF I know new information which makes me feel better about an upcoming proposal but disappointed and angry at the situation. After purchasing a setting with BF almost a year and a half ago, I was anticipating a proposal soon. I figured we had a few main events coming up this...
  16. I

    Long Distance Stone and Ring Purchase

    Hi everyone - I'm brand new here, but I've been appreciating all the helpful advice everyone gives. I've searched and searched for some help for two issues that I need to address, but I don't have a good solution, and I hope you can all help me out. First, I am trying to buy a suitable...
  17. lucyandroger

    LIW #98 New Here!

    What a beautiful setting! I happen to love yellow gold. You should do a search on here for Shane Co. though. There have been some really bad reviews on''s always good to be aware. Also do some research on the forums about diamonds. Since you get to pick out your ring, you should...
  18. MayFlowers

    What would you do?

    So my BF and I have been talking marriage for a while now and he will probably propose in the spring. He is allowing me to pick out the ring I want (yay!!). My dilemma is choosing where to buy the diamond and the setting. We went shopping at a local Shane Co. and had an okay experience. I know...
  19. MayFlowers

    LIW #98 New Here!

    Thanks! I will definitely do a search on here for Shane Co! I have heard good things about them. My FF''s sister got to pick out her engagement ring there and had nothing but good things to say. But, I don''t know how much research she did on her own time about settings, diamonds, etc. And I...
  20. :)

    Shane''s Jewelry Westwood (LA) - (not affiliated with Shane Co!) - rhodium

    Wanted to write a short review of my experience with rhodium dipping at Shane''s Jewelry on Broxton in Westwood/UCLA. KCoursolle had used them previously for rhodium and had given me their name quite a long time ago. I called ahead of time and found that they do rhodium on site on Fridays and...
  21. D

    What would you do?

    oh no, the finance don''t get tacked on IF you pay off early, but if you forget and pay the last bill a little too late, then it gets retroactive interest is what I meant. Sorry for the confusion Yes, definitely agree with the WF diamond review and return period... 30 days is well worth the...
  22. T

    Kassab Jewlers in Oregon...

    Does anyone have experience working with Kassab? We have been working on designing a ring with them and all has gone really well. I just haven''t heard much about them, seems like everyone I know has bought their ering at Shane Co. Any reviews would be nice. Thank you.
  23. L

    The Initial Quest to the Final Purchase!! Thanks GOG and Pricescope!!!

    I began this journey several months ago by stopping in a mall store which was going out of business, Bailey Banks & Biddle. Even being a complete diamond rookie and absolutely ignorant regarding diamonds, I was not impressed with anything they offered, however they did provide a brochure titled...
  24. LoriK09

    New here - question about St. Louis jeweler & ring?

    Hello everyone and thanks in advance for help/advice. I have found reviews of Shane CO and decided we won''t be looking there. But I can''t find any information about a jeweler in downtown Kirkwood, MO called Mavrik Fine Jewelry & Diamonds. We''ve been there twice, we liked the owner. He has a...
  25. L

    New to the game here.

    Hello all, I have been doing research for a few days and have learned a tremendous amount already ( though it feels as you''ll never know enough). I reunited with my beautiful girlfriend after eight years. And this time around I''m buying an engagement ring(she didn''t believe in them 10 years...
  26. Skippy123

    Need help from Professionals (you guys/gals)

    Hi there. The diamond you posted does not have cert info. In order to find out if it is a nice diamond or not we need cert info. Cut is so important and can either make a diamond look fantastic or not depending on the cut. Can you find the info and post it here? There are so great reputable...
  27. Lynnchee

    Objectivity of Pricescope?

    I was a lurker for quite awhile before I joined PS. I was a bit of a skeptic when it came to the raving reviews about WF and GoG. I also read some pretty terrible stories about Shane Co. I still ended up purchasing from Shane Co and had a wonderful experience. In my book they are my #1 local...
  28. BlueJeans

    Shane Co. vs. Online Vendors

    Just thought I give my 2 cents- I had a girlfriend whose mother worked at Shane Co. She never spoke very highly of them as an employer. I won''t go near them for many reasons. If you have had a good experience with them, then by all means go with them. Maybe they are different in your area...
  29. neatfreak

    Shane Co. vs. Online Vendors

    Shane Co. just often leaves something to be desired...and it's a chain, so the quality of everything can vary widely, including their designers/setters. Mark is known for his custom settings (in fact he's doing one for me right now!) and his stuff is quality. I personally would trust him far...
  30. neatfreak

    Shane Co. vs. Online Vendors

    Because they have and ERD and GOG have yet to. It''s as simple as that. Just read the reviews of all three businesses here and you''ll see what I mean. Some businesses just value their customers more than others.