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  1. sarahb

    LOVE my 3.0 N VS2 AVC from Rhino

    I've always felt extremely fortunate to have found this stone. I bought it from Jonathan W. while he was still at GOG, before he started AugustVintage Inc. That winter, I often visited GOG's AVC inventory online. And would always look for that N 3.0 VS2 in stock. Then lo &
  2. smg

    Bezel or 6 Claw Prongs - Transitional AGS N 1.41

    I am purchasing a Transitional cut N 1.41 VS stone from Love Affair Diamonds (first two photos are of actual stone and setting - bezel is white gold option with 1.78 stone) and am going back an forth on a setting. I am leaning toward rose gold - will be a right hand ring. My engagement ring is...
  3. L

    Five Stone Trellis Ring from Whiteflash

    Beautiful I wish I had done this rather than a channel set N-S baguette ring.
  4. soxfan

    Egl for transitional cut ok?

    It's a pretty stone, but there's no way it's an F. It looks like an N to me.
  5. flyingpig

    Thoughts on this diamond? Should I return?

    I like it. Good light reflection going W/E and graceful crushed ice look N/S. The setting is pretty, too, with some quality melees.
  6. doberman

    “Yellow diamonds are inferior” what do you think of that statement?

    This is my N color VS2 OMC. I like warmer colors for older stones and colorless for modern RBs. I don't know why.
  7. Pinkdreams

    Confusion solved

    Kim N. The pinks are only .08 each. Pear shape. Very small but I like those proportions
  8. dk168

    Can’t tell if I like this east west setting on me help

    IMHO, N-S looks better on OP's hand. DK :))
  9. the_mother_thing

    My final upgrade and heirloom ring

    @coda72 Your ring is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G ... Just W.O.W! :love: I saw you posted the ct weights in your initial post; might you also have and share the actual diamonds’ dimensions? By carat weight, I think the proportions I’ve been leaning toward are pretty close, but it would help me (and...
  10. Rubies-R-Me

    Show me your July rubies!

    :love:S T U N N I N G!!!!!!:love:
  11. the_mother_thing

    Announcement Looks Like the new addition to HCA

    Here is the diamond: And aside from the ‘N/A’, what is also confusing to an average consumer is this:
  12. A

    Hallmark ID a bear n eagle?

    Hi, hope someone can help, iv acquired a ring that I don't know much about, it has no hallmarks on the inside, but has what looks like an eagle's head and a bear's head on the outside, no idea if it's worth anything or if it's just costume jewellery. Thought it may be worth asking as it's a...
  13. lovedogs

    Anyone know where to source Montana sapphires?

    Ps .And blaze n gems
  14. doberman

    Calling antique cushions experts - thoughts on 2 stones

    Not an expert, but I like it. I have an N color antique cushion with the maltose cross, so maybe I'm biased lol. I've heard good things about this vendor (parksfinegroup)
  15. Garry H (Cut Nut)

    Light yellow diamond turns to pink - possible Chameleon?

    i found the stone - we bought a stone to match a lost earring. This stone on the left is N and is actually about 1-2 grades less colored.
  16. ForteKitty

    OEC pair received but I’m unsure if I should keep them.

    You may not care about color, but you should still get what you pay for. If you're paying for M/N, they should be M/N. A few colors off and it could mean thousands of dollars difference.
  17. Polyhex

    Could you/would you mix D E F color?

    My engagement ring mixes G (rose cut sidestones) and N (center ideal OEC cut) and I am very happy with it. I think you should view the diamonds in question face up and decide for yourself.
  18. headlight

    New CBI E SI2 available!

    ... until they see your beautiful N!
  19. moneymeister

    Can’t tell if I like this east west setting on me help

    My shop skills are meh, but I love the ring in n/s!
  20. AV_

    Could you/would you mix D E F color?

    Thread hijack! ! This must be seen! - when & if you mihht find time & inspiration to post.
  21. Rfisher

    Looking for Examples of MRB in Cushion Bezel (true or faux)

    Your stone cut n pasted in @blushpeony ‘s setting to see the MRB aspect?
  22. Weecam

    Want to see what I made today?

    OMG your cakes are A M A Z I N G @soxfan !
  23. amoline

    Egl for transitional cut ok?

    It's got to be in the N-O color range. Definitely not an F. Or even an I-J -- see and compare to your stone. It is a pretty stone but not if that misrepresented
  24. ZestfullyBling

    LOVE my 3.0 N VS2 AVC from Rhino

    You new setting compliments your beautiful N well! Just gorgeous!!!:love:
  25. LLJsmom

    Can’t tell if I like this east west setting on me help

    I prefer N-S for this stone. Maybe it’s just the pics but the light seems to hit this big facet in the middle and I’m not seeing the steps clearly. Maybe a N-S orientation will help.
  26. elizabethess

    Thoughtful gifts that fall a little flat

    Apologies for the sidetrack, but I'm dying to know... vanilla extract?! Have I been making mac n' cheese wrong all these years?! Or perhaps that was the issue?... :P2
  27. stonewell

    Just curious, but why don’t we see a lot of Q-R, S-T, & U-V stones?

    It is! The center is also an N color - never imagined I would feel comfortable with such a stone, but it’s perfect in my eyes. Color and all.

    Need CAD review help ASAP! Bezel setting + inspo

    I'm a fan of both bezels and L-M-N-O-P stones. I think the design is beautiful (I agree withe the consensus here too- high shoulders!). Can't wait to see it!