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  1. Beccabear

    Rose Gold/Platinum/Palladium White Gold Durability

    ...I like and wanted to know if I had a preference for certain stones and/or metals. The metals is where I’m stuck, I have three thoughts. 1. Rose Gold with Platinum prongs 2. Platinum 3. Palladium White Gold My concern with Rose Gold is simply the whole turning my finger green thing (I do...
  2. stracci2000

    14k Gold Cameo

    Well, gentle reader, Stracci has finally found something she has been searching for. Years ago, I knew a sophisticated lady who had a big gold cameo. I always hoped to have one for my own. Behold today's lucky find. And even sweeter was the price. Thrift store, 50 cents.
  3. 737lizakg

    Plastic gold ultra light alloy

    So this popped up on my news feed today. I find the while thing extremely weird.
  4. Mondayschild

    anyone had diamond studs in rose gold?

    Hi all I have a beloved pair of (already upgraded) whiteflash ACAs in white gold. Most of my other regular jewelry is now rose gold and i realise it is much more flattering. Has anyone got any pics of diamonds set in rose gold for studs? Is it frivolous to consider re-setting them? (i wear...
  5. Mjay

    14k vs 18k yellow gold

    Thoughts on 14k vs 18k yellow gold. I was planning on doing 14k but can’t get 18k out of my head. I’m doing a brushed finish solitaire. My reasoning for 14k over 18 was for durability reasons. I want it suitable for everyday wear. I’m terrified that 18 will scratch really easily especially in a...
  6. mrsthomas

    Advice needed re. plating a gold bracelet.

    ...of some advice. I had a lovely diamond bracelet gifted to me by my mother a few years ago. The only problem I have with it is that its yellow gold and I very rarely wear yellow gold. I’m thinking of having it rhodium plated but am worried that it’s look and design doesn’t lend itself to white...
  7. B

    Discolored gold?

    Hello PSers! I'm hoping someone who has a vast knowledge of gold can help me out. This is kinda embarrassing given that this is PS but I have no shame lol. Last year, i bought 4 diamond bow rings from the home shopping network. I kept one as a ring, the other 2 I made into earrings and the last...
  8. G

    Gold chains?

    Hi My wife has a number of pendants but she can't wear them because her gold chains have broken over the years.. would like to ask for some recommendations for good quality and price plain gold chains? How many carats is good? Thanks Neal
  9. B

    Setting and white gold plating questions

    Hello! I am looking to get this setting but with white gold tulip/prongs (an example is here). I have a few questions - I have entered every search phrase I could think of into Google and Pricescope but not a lot of luck. 1. How would replating the white gold work? It is touching the yellow...
  10. T

    White gold or Platinum for H or I color

    Is white gold too bright for either an H or I color stone? Is Platinum too warm making the stones look more yellow? Which is the better option?
  11. Whisper89

    Where to buy 14 karat gold chain on a budget?

    Hi everybody, I am trying to purchase a yellow gold chain for a friend as a gift, on a budget of 100 USD. She has allergic reactions to nickel and I don't want to risk 9 karat gold in case she reacts to it. I've checked all the mall stores here and they only sell 9 karat. I've had a look on...
  12. C

    Diamonds for rose gold engagement rings ?

    ...but have read so much on this site that I had to sign up! I'm currently looking at diamonds at a price around USD 7000 (AUD10,000) for a rose gold setting. Below are the preferred specifications. SHAPE: Round CARAT WEIGHT: 0.95 To 1.10 COLOR: D-G CLARITY: VS1 - FL CUT: Excellent...
  13. S

    Yellow Gold Halo Rings

    ...on the setting. Round stone in square halo and a slight split band. My engagement ring set is all in platinum - and I always wear a yellow gold bangle. I am Really Enjoying yellow gold. My question is- do I make my new ring in yellow gold ? Has anyone got this ring and happy to share...
  14. D

    Italian Cameo bracelet and broche gold

    Hello , im Dario and im doing this for my mother, She have buy something she know very Little about and claims that it haves an certain value..I will post some pictures and if there is someone that can provide me with some info about the items it will make my mum so happy!..
  15. L

    Gold plating sterling silver

    Thinking about buying monogram necklaces for my teen daughters. Ross Simons has one for $99 in Sterling. My girls like yellow gold tones now. Can this be gold plated? How much (ballpark) would it cost? Is there a place in the Chicagoland area that can do this? Does it work?How long does it...
  16. Rose-gold-or-bust

    Stuller rose gold

    Does anyone have any rose gold pieces in Stuller settings? Do you find their rose gold is particularly yellow or does it match nicely to other rose gold pieces you have? context: I just received some rose gold earrings and the setting appears yellow to me. Like a deeper brassy yellow but I do...
  17. E

    Question about gold ring.. Gold plated silver?

    ...I was given a bunch of jewelry from my grandmother and my father has always been fond of this ring (even though it's missing a stone) and was curious about the markings. To my knowledge 925 is silver, right? So this is a gold plated silver ring? Anyone know what the other marking is? Thanks!
  18. TheGarnetGirl

    Rose cut diamond melee for 18k rose gold wedding band wedding band but I could use some good ole' fashion advice to help! I want my wedding band (like my engagement ring) to also be 18k rose gold & contain the same engraving between 5 or 6 small rose cut diamonds. I got the impression that itd be easier if I purchased the diamonds and had...
  19. DoeEyes

    Getting two rose gold rings from different places?

    I'm working on my engagement ring upgrade and the plan is to get the same setting I had before but in rose gold. The setting is from Hayden Cudworth, and they don't do custom pieces so I will probably have to get my wedding ring somewhere else unless any of their wedding rings will work for me...
  20. diamondhoarder

    Cut cornered square diamond rose gold ring

    ... And finally - in its 18k rose gold split shank setting with platinum head and double prongs:
  21. D

    Vintage Gold Necklace and Pendant Info

    ...on the back 10k. There are no jewelers marks on it I can see. It is in a box that has Walter Sperling Jeweler & Opticians, Seneca, Kan. I am trying to find out about this piece as far as age and value. I understand it has value as gold, but I believe this peice is very old. Can anyone help[...
  22. B

    Bindi Irwin’s Lab-Grown Recycled Gold Ring
  23. John Pollard

    Crafted by Infinity co-founder earns Gold Laureate honors

    ...It's my honor to announce that our friend Lieve has been awarded the Gold Medal of Distinction and named Diamond Laureate by King Phillipe of Belgium. Details and photos here: In a ceremony in Antwerp, Belgium, on December 1, 2019...
  24. OdetteOdile

    mixing platinum with white gold?

    Is there a ver noticeable difference if you mix and match white gold with platinum? Let's say a platinum engagement ring with a white gold band. How noticeable is that? If you have any pictures to share, I'd love to see them! I currently have platinum rings, but love the affordability of...
  25. JaneDough

    Engaged BGD yellow gold 6 prong solitaire

    ...learned a lot from PriceScope and decided to join mostly to share the results and also to give an example to other people interested in yellow gold prongs! I will likely reach out when it comes time to get a wedding band to match First of all thank you for all your wisdom and the information...
  26. M

    Why is platinum more expensive than gold for jewelry?

    The market rates are reversed. Is it perception? Durability? Just wondering.
  27. J

    OEC double prong gold solitaire

    Hi everyone! I don't post very often (if ever), but I have been a lurking member for ages.... since I first started looking for rings with my ex, many many years ago. ;) I am notoriously indecisive, but I have always loved old cuts ever since I first stumbled on a post of Haven's OMC upgrade...
  28. TweetyBird23

    14k white gold in saline pool?

    My solitaire e-ring is now bolted to my finger and I am wondering if it’s ok to wear the 14k white gold shank with platinum head to a saline pool on a regular basis. I enjoy looking at the sparkle under water! I was told that there is some natural chlorine made with electricity and salt water...
  29. voce

    Poll: white gold or rose gold for pinkish red+lavender color combo?

    Hi PS, I need help making a decision again. I'm thinking of setting these red spinels around this unheated purple sapphire. Planning on mailing out the gems Thursday. Please give your input and help me? :pray:
  30. suzanne2

    #JOTW Gold bangle with a special diamond...

    ...D color, SI1! Now what to do with it? I have too many rings and another would get lost in the shuffle. A bracelet! But what kind? Along came @goldenfire with her antique cushion bangle and I was hooked! This was it! Of course, I can't let things be, I have to make them more complicated. I...