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  1. D

    Three-stone Flower Engagement Ring [August Vintage Review]

    I posted this review on his website, but my fiancee and I just want to share how great the engagement ring we got from Jonathan was. Plus, review websites don't let me post the end result. He's already known here as Rhino, and his website is So, we wanted a...
  2. Hivona

    DK CAD help for aquamarine ring

    I think I need to step away for a few days. Right now I find myself drawn back to elements of the 1st CAD & wondering if I should revisit that one. I like the vintage inspired feel of the 1st render. And like meely said it got more modern over the other renders & im not sure I want this gemstone...
  3. Rfisher

    DK CAD help for aquamarine ring

    Suggestion? Since this CAD morphed into a design close to what you have in mind for another stone - and it sounds like it's suited better for the other stone? How about revisiting your original inspiration elements and reviewing the original CAD? Maybe in hindsight - take a different direction...
  4. W

    Custom Ring Design - Need Your Input

    Thanks to the valuable input from the PS community I finally pulled the trigger on a special super-ideal stone that I’m expecting to arrive on Monday!:appl: Now to the other half of the project - the band design for the engagement ring... I’ve been looking at a simple solitaire with a hidden...
  5. W

    Diamond vs. Sapphire 7mm+ Round

    Ok and now to the more technical nitty-gritty, your input is welcome please ladies and gents ::) So thanks to @Acinom and @AnastasiaBeaverhausen I have learned a new word - cuffs! I quite like the look of them. Just concerned that it could be one design element too many for my ring, but I...
  6. AnastasiaBeaverhausen

    Diamond vs. Sapphire 7mm+ Round

    I think if the prongs are done well and the basket is open enough, then a 6-prong should perform similarly to a 4-prong. I have a 4-prong NESW but they're not claws. It's this setting -- I felt like it added to the vintage look I was looking for. And I'd hesitate to use any ol' tweezers you...
  7. V

    Language to describe fancy cuts with High Brilliancy, Fire , Scintillation

    Consumers' scores work reliably only with mass products. One needs a big number of reviews to get a statistically valid result. That could happen with synthetic diamonds/gems if they will be cheap and popular enough to make big sales. As long as this is not the case, I, as an average consumer...
  8. Texas Leaguer

    Newbie needs feedback

    OOPS... I actually misspoke about the eye-clean logo. We went away from using the logo when we re-designed the site last year to be mobile-first adaptive. The information about eye-clean is available in the table with the other attributes on the detail page. It will either say "yes" or "inquire".
  9. sledge

    DK/BGD Custom Setting...The Home Stretch

    So just a quick overall update before I dive into specific comments: I've emailed DK and asked them what they specifically recommend for strength/durability to build the rings. I expressed some people believe platinum is a great choice; however, the tone of his last email left me thinking...
  10. E

    Lost Newbie - Help with Legit Online Jeweler?

    Hello All -- I've been hunting online for a respectable online jeweler for a peach or pad sapphire in pear or oval as an engagement ring in 14K rose gold. Preference is halo for the center stone and plain band. I've been to websites for Blue Nile, TNSC, BE, Helzberg, LaurenB, Etsy, Gemvara...
  11. Octo2005

    Custom Ring Design - Need Your Input

    Not that there is anything wrong with these rings, but are you sure that this is the direction that your SO would like to go? They are so very different from the original ring that you were designing and a look that is taste specific.
  12. Matthews1127

    Custom Ring Design - Need Your Input

    I agree with trying to keep your services all in one place. I really cannot elaborate on much more than that, pertaining to those logistics. HOWEVER, I'd like to make a suggestion on the design of the setting, itself.... With the hidden collar, can/would you taper the shank, thinner to wider...
  13. J

    Latest Tiffany Inspired Platinum Setting

    Sorry..for the long post ! :( James Allen have said they can customise their setting: ( HERE ) to create a uniform width of 2mm. I asked about softening the knife edge and they said it is already quite a bit softer than traditional knife edge. I find it hard to tell from the photos as they...
  14. rockysalamander

    Advice for a Canadian please

    You would ask the vendor's gemologist to review the stone and any concentrated inclusions and give their expert eyeball on if it will present a visual problem upon close inspection. On the carat size (which is weight) a 1.9 is 2 carats if you round. Everyone rounds! Also, most of the vendors...
  15. SparkSeeker

    High Performance Diamonds lives up to their name

    I recently had a brilliant, well-rounded experience working with Melissa, Jamie, and Wink from High Performance Diamonds and wanted to share it with the PS community that was so helpful to me too. I found the passion, eye for detail, respect, and professionalism the HPD team has in what they do...
  16. Texas Leaguer

    Wriggle Room in Paul Gias Ideal Proportions ?

    Cutters did not run away from cutting ideal princess cuts. Most never were there to begin with! If GIA would ever come out with a cut grading system that would reward cutters for improving cut quality of princess, you would see the same kind of movement in a positive direction that we saw when...
  17. missy

    Vitamin Deficiency - Your Stories?

    Alex as mentioned above it is important to take Vitamin D (D3 preferably) with a few other supplements. Especially Vitamin K2. Here's some info that you might find helpful.
  18. M

    My Experience Buying an Uncertified Diamond

    Hello, Although I’m not an active member of this forum, I want to share a recent experience I had which might assist others in their decision making. Warning: this is a long post! In 2016, my wife and I bought a 2ct diamond ring from a vendor. It did not come with an appraisal or lab report...
  19. S

    Clinton Charity CONFIRMS Qatars $1 million dollar gift

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Clinton Foundation has confirmed it accepted a $1 million gift from Qatar while Hillary Clinton was U.S. secretary of state without informing the State Department, even though she had promised to let the agency review new or significantly increased support from foreign...
  20. Mailin

    My Upsetting Brilliantly Engaged Experience

    MY BRILLIANTLY ENGAGED EXPERIENCE THE GEM Cut • Cushion Type • Montana Sapphire Color • Blue/Green Size • 2.17ct Info • I was in the market for a center stone, ideally an oval green/blue sapphire and wasn’t very open to other shapes. Ended up finding a Cushion Montana Sapphire from Gemfix and...
  21. C

    Is this a good 2 ct round for 8k?

    Trusted vendor, good return policy. But I still would recommend that the OP seek out a smaller 10K super ideal and compare the two stones in real world lighting.
  22. A

    Is this a good 2 ct round for 8k?

    This is your purchase, OP, so you get to decide what you'll do. But what Pricescope is telling you is that since this is for a solitaire e-ring, and it's going to be worn daily for years, maybe you should buy smaller buy buy the best light performance. For a right hand ring or cocktail ring or...
  23. ericad

    CVB LAD Communication?

    Our first transaction was for a 1.20ct OEC ring that you loved, and for which we exchanged many emails and you posted a glowing review here on PS. It was a "simple transaction" I suppose, but you seemed very happy with the ring and with LAD. Regarding the consignment ring you were interested...
  24. M

    Looking for light sapphire for e-ring

    Think fair number of us were turned off by that etsy vender some years ago because it sure seemed she was buying settings from Chinese manufacturers who were eBay sellers, but passing off the rings in her etsy listings as lovingly fabricated in her studio -- and priced appreciably higher than if...
  25. DC519

    Victor Canera customer service change?

    Hi all, Quick question, has anyone dealt directly with Victor lately, or just the account manager/customer service rep? I guess his policies have changed, I asked to make a few small minute changes to style (larger melee diamonds and a higher under gallery to have the ring sit up higher) even...
  26. T

    Please help me select the correct diamond.. Much obliged!!!

    Re: Please help me select the correct diamond.. Much obliged Pardon my ignorance, but who is David Klass? I did contact an online dealer selling a GIA certified stone, when I spoke with him and showed a picture of the setting, he said he could make the same setting but better for $2500 and he...
  27. K

    Thank You Engagement Rings Direct!

    I just wanted to give a shout out to Engagement Rings Direct (and Chris in particular). Like most men, I knew nothing about buying a diamond engagement ring. My girlfriend and I went to several stores in the L.A. diamond district, and we came away frustrated at their ridiculous pricing...
  28. Rockdiamond

    A cut above vs regular cut

    HI John! I'll answer some below in blue I do not believe that respecting the work done includes ignoring some very common sense drawbacks to the results. I am not disrespecting anyone. I honestly believe that any scientist who's interested in advancing science will welcome reasonable questions...
  29. missy

    iPhone or Samsung... which should I get? iPhone 6s Review: A Slightly Better iPhone 6 by Joanna Stern
  30. John Pollard

    A cut above vs regular cut

    Forgive me David, but I must ask in all sincerity: Are you pulling my tail? We've engaged in many conversations over the years on this very topic. Every item in blue has a logical answer I believe you have either read before, or is clearly explained in the SPIE paper; which is not a...