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  1. JPie

    Trabert Goldsmiths - Piece of crap made in Thailand

    Better late than never on this review. I worked with Trabert Goldsmiths of San Francisco in 2009 to make this piss-poor split shank setting: Eric's team wasted my time asking me to come into their store to approve the work in progress, but when I did show up they didn't have the wax model...
  2. K

    Tell me how much I overspent

    Update time! I have reached terms with Bruce on the step cut tsavorite. ..and he agreed to send a personal note signed to my gf with the stone. ...and he has two highly trusted goldsmiths in my area he recommends. AND the the icing on the cake, Brilliant Earth agreed to give me a full...
  3. bludiva

    Help Choosing a Setting for Large Heirloom

    I'm im Austin and had my setting made locally A couple of master goldsmiths in town you could check out if you want to go custom: Steve Werbeck at Caleesi Steve Kriechbaum AJ at Abercrombie Gems was also recommended to me when I was...
  4. M

    Where to find 14k white gold/palladium rings?

    I like Stuller's X1 alloys, but they are not nickel-free. @peperomia -- Rutledge Jewelers in California works with both 18K and 14K palladium white gold. I have no first-hand experience with them, but they have been on etsy for more than 10 years & have consistently received very high reviews...
  5. M

    Cape Cod travel itinerary help

    :wavey:Hi, @kgizo -- I've been going to the Cape (S. Chatham) every year for the past 30+ years; September is a fabulous time to be there! Even with a week-long visit, think you'll be hard-pressed to "do justice" to the Cape, so my suggestion would be that you pick either the Vineyard or...
  6. F

    Appraisers who also know about historical goldsmithing?

    Hi! My boyfriend (now fiance) just proposed (hurray!). He bought a beautiful early-mid 20s ring in the diamond district with a ton of unusual filagree work. It also has some unusual features. a) mixed metal - the top of the setting looks like it is unmarked 18k white gold, in what we think...
  7. Acinom

    Jeff White's The Gem Scoop

    jstarfireb: thanks for sharing your pics! This is such a cool phenomenon. Would love to see more of your stone. Gingercurls, lovesvintage, kgizo, lovinggems: thank you for your super kind words :wavey: It will take a good while before this stone will be set, but I will share the pics...
  8. CharmyPoo

    Custom setting vendor needed for 1925 Tiffany Asscher ER

    Some of their reviews don't sound too good on Yelp in terms of customer service, timing / delays and aggressive "business" behaviour. At least all comments on workmanship seems good.
  9. brut

    Opinions of this Vintage 1.4 CT OMC engagement ring and band

    Re: Opinions of this Vintage 1.4 CT OMC engagement ring and I see what you're saying now, that's a pretty good observation. Also, I think all the angles being the same does seem a bit suspicious. Plus, that's hardly a reassuring review. I emailed and asked to see the GIA he mentions. We'll see...
  10. marymm

    Opinions of this Vintage 1.4 CT OMC engagement ring and band

    Re: Opinions of this Vintage 1.4 CT OMC engagement ring and Oh that is just my personal opinion - the setting to me is mainly lines and angles which comes off to me as precise and symmetrical - and the OMC looks to be a rounded cushion and perhaps a bit wonky in shape and with a large/very...
  11. G

    Am I being tricked or are they just foolish?

    My girlfriend and I have started looking for a ring recently and in the first store, she spotted a ring she immediately loved. It's a full bezel semi-mount and nothing like it that is so simple yet elegant can be found anywhere else we have searched. I've been researching purchasing diamonds...
  12. arjunajane

    Questions for PSers who've sent stones to Leon

    Aoife, I completely understand - I was also a newbie not too long ago, and the new search function makes finding history difficult. Anne, your observations are largely correct that the advice in this thread appears contradictory. I would like to say my take on that is due in very large part to...
  13. F

    Thanks USA Certed Diamonds, EBS Trading and Marcel Pevsner

    I want to give a huge thumbs-up to Martin Sheffield from USA Certed Diamonds, EBS Trading Corp and Marcel Pevsner for their amazing work in producing the engagement ring of my fiancee’s dreams. I spent a lot of time reading the forums here and chose Martin after seeing numerous great reviews. I...
  14. kelpie

    #JOTW OEC finally set, I have been holding out....

    Thank you all for looking and the nice things you had to say. I'll add more pics sometime this week. pancake – Thank you for your kind words! Uppy- Thanks for letting me slide ;) Thank you, Danielle! Thank you, Yssie. They had a nearly identical stone in this setting at single stone so I knew...
  15. D

    Buying on the internet; Igloo anyone?

    Hi all, First, a little background; I''ve been shopping around for a stone for the past couple of months to go with the very nice ring that a local goldsmith is making for me. I was initially going to go with a stone that she sourced for me but when it arrived we rejected it as it had a feather...
  16. cushioncutnut

    My first and probably my last LOGR ring..

    I do remember that piece quite well. I was very impressed with the quality of it based on the pictures and your review of it. I would have kept it too. Gorgeous! I have worked in the jewelry sales industry several years ago. In fact, I use to oversee any goldsmith work coming in and going...
  17. choro72


    I''m going with a local jeweler in Santa Ana, CA. The Custom Goldsmith. They haven''t finished my ring yet, so I can''t give you a review I loved the rings that they make, but that''s because I have a different taste from most people (non antique). If you live close by, I can give you their...
  18. choro72

    Please Help Me Find My Engagement Ring, Don''t Know Where To Start!!

    If you want to go for a local store, then there are some threads about it.
  19. michaelgem


    Ideal Evolution Ever wonder why a large majority of diamonds are cut and polished as 58-facet round brilliants? Why are top quality round brilliants referred to as American Ideal, Tolkowsky Ideal or just Ideal Cut? Al Gilbertson asked those questions back in 1976, the first day on the job as...
  20. L

    prong help (sorry, long)

    Hi, I''ve been lurking on the site for a while now and I finally have a question that can''t be answered through old posts, so I figured it was time to register! First, I want to thank you guys for all the help you unknowingly gave me during my diamond search. Thanks to this forum, my...
  21. Garry H (Cut Nut)


    Ideal as a concept has ground our industry into a very tight spot between a rock and a very hard place. Al has written an interesting book with loads of work and research. I doubt that it could or should ever be "the last word" or any such thing as the best word. Because you assume that such an...
  22. suzi

    Etiquette on having jewelry cleaned?

    Thank you for the information! I didn''t think about my diamond needing to be taken out of the ring to inscribe it, though. I don''t think I would want to take a chance on chipping it or anything JUST to have it laser inscribed. Anyway...I didn''t want to convey any kind of extreme paranoia...
  23. C

    Amazon + Nice Ice + Geoffrey''s (San Carlos, CA) = Tiffany Replica E-Ring

    I used this board heavily when purchasing my engagement ring and wanted to add to this wonderful wealth of information. Thanks so much to all who provide their expertise to novices – my ring would not have turned out so well without this invaluable service! I recognize that for most people...
  24. Sagebrush

    Secrets of the Gem Trade?

    Elmo, Here is a review of Secrets Of The Gem Trade The Connoisseur's Guide To Precious Gemstonespublished in Gem Market News, November 2003. Happy reading. Book Review Secrets of the Gem Trade–The Connoisseur’s Guide to Precious Gemstones By Richard W. Wise, 292 pages, illustrated, published...