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  1. missy

    Who has arthritis?

    @whitewave it's my pleasure if I could do anything that would help provide you with relief. I don't know if your red skin care diode would be beneficial but here's another scientific journal article showing potential. Good luck on your MRI results...
  2. missy

    Medical Miracles from FDA Inefficiency

    Sharing the article for those of you who might be interested just as an interesting fyi. Ms. Finley is a member of the Journal’s editorial board.
  3. webdiva

    Time to take the step... Really need your help!

    Happy to give advice! I posted this on the previous page when we talked about Gabriel & CO: "Johny, Two places in downtown LA carry Gabriel & Co: OSCARS DESIGN 550 S HILL ST, SUITE 725 LOS ANGELES, CA, 90013 213-622-1200 BRIDAL INC 550 SOUTH HILL ST SUITE 620 LOS ANGELES, CA 90013 (213)...