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  1. sledge

    Calling Fellow Computer Nerds...

    It's time for an upgrade of my laptop at work, and have narrowed it to 3 choices. Money is essentially the same for all 3 as they vary between $1,800 to $2,000. For the specs I am trying to achieve I believe this to be a fair price. If you know of something better, etc please let me know...
  2. bling_dream19

    Now I really did it :((

  3. bbk0885

    Buying Moissanite from Tianyu Gems

    Full disclosure--I don't know a lot about CADs or what is possible, so I hope some more experienced folks will chime in, too. But it does seem to me that the basket is lower in your inspiration pic, and I would think they should be able to lower that a bit for you. If you scroll up just a bit in...
  4. L

    USA Certed Diamonds/Martin is the best

    Hi all! This review is very overdue as I actually got my diamond at the beginning of the summer, :twirl: I've just been so busy! We had such a hard time finding a good selection of OECs online and really Martin was one of our last hopes to get that gorgeous antique sparkle that I really wanted...
  5. Matthews1127

    Are we expecting too much re bespoke ER design?

    I love your ideas, and pave' would look so beautiful flanked against your plain metal solitaire (on each side). Pave' is so delicate & sparkly! Another idea would be to look into "bead set" diamonds. Personally, I'm not a fan of Channel set diamonds, but that's my must go with what...
  6. BrimstoneTwo

    Are we expecting too much re bespoke ER design?

    I called the designer's office today and spoke with a girl who helps to answer phones. She informed me that the owner is now on holiday till 21 Aug and only the other guy is handling everything. When she tried to put me through to him, he did not answer. I politely but firmly expressed our...
  7. Gadabout44

    Apologies for being the common engagement ring seeker, I could use some guidance.

    Hi Bron, thank you for being detailed with the term "eye clean". Definitely helpful knowledge that I can use with the search. I am not certain if online websites would list their diamonds as Eye Clean. I visited JamesAllen a few times and BlueNile, I do not think I've seen them list their...
  8. pearaffair

    BFF is looking for a nice 1ct rose cut!

    Thanks for the info! She has been in touch with Diana and is super pleased with the customer service so far! Diana is on the hunt to see what she can come up with. The diamond you linked us to is great but Diana says it is not SUPER symmetrically round, and that is a big priority for my friend...
  9. iwantsparkle

    I've abandoned the enclosed basket/bucket idea.

    Thanks. This is helpful. To the bold - do you mean that you will ask them to make up their design and then you will say yay/nay? Is this like plans to a house or something where you pay for the design whether or not you decide to move forward. Or, just if you decide to get the ring from them...
  10. rubybeth

    I've abandoned the enclosed basket/bucket idea.

    Custom is based on materials costs and labor--not time spent (they factor in time when giving you the quote). You often get what you pay for. You can also ask vendors how revisions to CAD work--how many revisions are common, is there an additional cost for extra revisions, etc. Also ask about...
  11. iwantsparkle

    I've abandoned the enclosed basket/bucket idea.

    Thanks. I decided to send LAD an inquiry email earlier today. I am hopeful she might be someone who can help me (within my budget).
  12. lovedogs

    I've abandoned the enclosed basket/bucket idea.

    I think the best way to start something like this is to have a rough idea of what you want (which you do), and then look at Vendors' work to see who you feel is best at executing the design you want. For example, some people are masters at making halos, others are amazing at creating fluid and...
  13. Mailin

    My Upsetting Brilliantly Engaged Experience

    MY BRILLIANTLY ENGAGED EXPERIENCE THE GEM Cut • Cushion Type • Montana Sapphire Color • Blue/Green Size • 2.17ct Info • I was in the market for a center stone, ideally an oval green/blue sapphire and wasn’t very open to other shapes. Ended up finding a Cushion Montana Sapphire from Gemfix and...
  14. Circe

    High carat gold opal pendants - Review of Aragona Designs, a

    This review hits two points that I think are equally important in the arena of collecting jewelry: craftsmanship and customer service. Jodie at Aragona Designs ( impressed me on both counts, so I wanted to give a shout-out and tip you guys off to another great...
  15. missy

    iPhone or Samsung... which should I get? iPhone 6s Review: A Slightly Better iPhone 6 by Joanna Stern
  16. DecoDaze

    WWYD with several less than top quality gems?

    I'm afraid her experience with me might make her change her policy about accepting customers' stones. She was very concerned about breaking them, although I reassured her over and over that these were free, and it wasn't a big deal if they broke. But yes, I wish I'd had a better experience, too...
  17. T L

    Opinion of a mint tourmaline

    I would prong set it. Do not bezel, as they can easily chip tourmaline, and it's a small stone, so a bezel will also make it face up smaller. Since it's a light stone, a heavy gallery, may help bring out the facet pattern better. I'm not sure if you're a lady or a gentleman, but I mentioned...
  18. gjw

    Hello! New here & need advice-Fay Cullen related sorta, lol.

    Hello everybody! I'm new here and your forum and site is lovey. Small back story, lol. I love love love antique/vintage looking settings and such for rings (mainly engagement/wedding). It's just magical to me, I don't know..haha. When I got engaged 6 yrs ago my husband gave me a beautiful green...
  19. L

    Ignorance is Bliss!

    Enerchi, I love the second one but I am hesitant because James Allen told me the lowest colour I should go for in a halo setting is an H. They also let me know that I could not buy a halo setting elsewhere and have them place their diamond in it because a halo setting must already have...
  20. A

    Ignorance is Bliss!

    Don't believe everything their sales people tell you on JA. I suggest you read this thread on the honker 5c J color set in a halo by Leon Mege. She states that compared to her E color engagement ring she can't tell much difference in the color and a 5carat stone will show more color than a...
  21. M

    Yet another blue sapphire engagement ring search thread ; )

    Re: Yet another blue sapphire engagement ring search thread Wow Xiriah, thank you for all that info. I see a handfull of potential stones on the site. The photography isn't great, so I'll get in touch with them to see if better photos on hand can be taken. The pricing on...
  22. N

    Cushion cut pavé halo engagement ring from ERD

    Hello all, A long time lurker finally posting, these forums have been invaluable to me in trying to find a stone and engagement ring for my girlfriend. Even though I never posted, there was so much good advice, so thank you all. Anyways after months of research and learning about diamonds and...
  23. M

    Am I looking for a deal too good to be true?

    Hey all, I'm a first-time buyer trying to find that perfect diamond for the lady. She and I have talked about some of her expectations, and she also set a price limit that I can spend :D (I'm thinking I might break this rule by a little to get her the best stone possible). I've spent about...
  24. LALove

    Question for eternity band owners, am I being too picky?

    (Sorry this post is super long, I tried to make this as short as possible while still giving relevant info..) I need some advice on if my expectations are too high... Here's some pertinent info about me: I am very particular (my friends would say finicky) in liking my things (my home, cars...
  25. digitaldevo

    Have you ever bought from this seller??

    First off, this says enough of all I need to know about Gem-earth to say, IMH & educated O, to avoid them. Here's what I know from a simple investigation into their auctions: •They appear to have enhanced their pictures to make the stones...
  26. J

    Engagement Rings Direct (Mark T. & Dan G.) Best Service for the Most Important Purchase

    I proposed to my fiance but decided to purchase the ring with her input afterward not because I was worried she wouldn''t like it but rather that she didn''t love it. I wanted the ring that she will keep forever to be one that I did most of the decisions on design, diamond type, etc... but to...
  27. R

    Pave Ring Retipping

    Greetings all, I need some opinions on pave retipping repairs (and a general sanity check). I bought a 14kt 1 ctw pave diamond band from an estate sale at the end of last week. It is set with round brilliants; each one is held by two diagonal prongs. I took it to a jewelry store to compare it...
  28. makemepretty

    HELP where to find older BM pendant for mom for Valentines

    I would mention to her that you tried to find it but it''s discontinued. She''ll be touched that you even remembered. Then start looking for something she might like instead, who knows, her taste might have even changed. Here are some suggestions...
  29. R

    What is possible in grading with computers?

    Mr. Medoes... Your question is very good. I'll attempt to address it. There are a lot of different categories that computers can do, but they are limited. Let's start with ray tracing. Serg from Russia has developed Diamond Calc. There is in the works, or at least partially completed a 3D...
  30. M

    Fair Diamond Price?

    I, too was wary of buying online. I ran across this site a little over a month ago when I was doing research on stone as I wanted to upgrade my wife's ring for our 10th anniversary. In the end, I bouhgt online via, one of the vendors on this site. As to how you...