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  1. woofmama

    Stock soli e/w mq setting

    Jewels by Grace makes one at a reasonable price.
  2. woofmama

    Dog Experts Neutering Question

    I believe in keeping dogs intact until at least 2 yrs old. The spay & neuter fervor in the US was started about 10-15 yrs ago by the rescue community. It does cause a myriad of health problems. As Scandinavian posted, altering dogs is not the norm in most European countries. Most holistic vets...
  3. woofmama

    IDJ - DBTY Milgrain Pendant!!!!

    It's gorgeous Pinto & I love it layered with your DBTY. Great size diamond for a pendant!
  4. woofmama

    My mom's cute lil' oec

    Pretty diamond! I love the second BevK you posted.
  5. woofmama

    Opinion needed on EC

    You didn't mention your budget, I'm going to link 4 diamonds in the $9k-$10k range that are much better clarity than what you've linked. Personally I wouldn't be happy with an SI1-SI2 in an EC. If none of these are in your price range let us know what it is and we'll look for others...
  6. woofmama

    WF 2.6 CTW Diamond Studs and 3.3 CTW Whiteflash by the Yard

    Re: WF 2.6 CTW Diamond Studs and 3.3 CTW Whiteflash by the Y Lovely new pieces, your DBTY looks so beautiful on you! I love the YG in that piece. All of your collection is perfection!
  7. woofmama

    Victor Canera Ring

    Gorgeous ring :love: I would love to see more pic's. Congratulations!
  8. woofmama

    Steven Kirsch Solitaire w/ Whiteflash ACA - SO HAPPY!!

    Elegant & perfect! I love a classic solitaire :love: And of course your diamond is gorgeous, enjoy!
  9. woofmama

    Fresh out of the box! My Victorian-style pear RG e-ring!!

    Re: Fresh out of the box! My Victorian-style pear RG e-ring! Beautiful ring! Congratulations!
  10. woofmama

    Matte rose gold diamond bezel and engraved sapphire yg

    Very pretty rings! I especially love the bezeled diamond, it looks fab with your eternity band :appl:
  11. woofmama

    my GOG custom cut AVC experience

    Congratulations to both of you :appl: What a spectacular diamond :love:
  12. woofmama

    Emerald cut

    The 1st one you linked is also an I, has a very large table & very little crown. So that's a marginal diamond. It will look like cut glass & lack fire. If you are comfortable with an I, the one already linked was a much better choice. Here's the link again...
  13. woofmama

    The Flow- 2 rings by the fabulous Alistair Kelsey!

    Loving your new beauties Acinom! The craftsmanship of both rings looks superb. This designer is my style, I would love to work with him! Thank you for the detailed write-up & pictures!
  14. woofmama

    Emerald cut

    Another option although I don't like it as much as the G I posted above: This is a nice one:
  15. woofmama

    Emerald cut

    Cancel your order. That is a very poorly cut EC. This is a beautiful diamond:
  16. woofmama

    #JOTW 5.14ct Jeff White Asscher Mint Garnet Set as a Five Stone!

    Re: 5.14ct Jeff White Asscher Mint Garnet Set as a Five Ston This is one of the most gorgeous rings I've seen posted here :love: :love: :love: I've often wondered what happened to your spectacular garnet! Fab setting choice :appl: Enjoy!
  17. woofmama

    What is your favorite dog breed?

    I grew up with German Shepherds & continued to own them until my son was diagnosed with asthma at 1 yr old. I then did a switch to Giant Schnauzers after researching for 1 yr. I wanted a breed as similar in personality as possible to my first love and the Giant Schnauzer checked all of the...
  18. woofmama

    My J VS1 Emerald Cut Diamond in its new halo setting

    Re: My J VS2 Emerald Cut Diamond in its new halo setting It looks great! Very good finger coverage too with the halo. Love your diamond :love:
  19. woofmama

    0.62 A Cut Above Palladium Pendant

    What's not to love? The diamond is beautiful & your design is clean, modern & refreshing to me. I think it's very cool! It's nice to see a different look around here :sun: Would love to see neck shots,too.
  20. woofmama

    Antique Unheated Burma Ruby and OEC Ring my final decision

    Re: Antique Unheated Burma Ruby and OEC Ring my final decisi Gorgeous ring! I love the twin stone design. A very special ring, enjoy!
  21. woofmama


    ZB that is a gorgeous diamond :appl: So beautiful, great setting & your fire shots are incredible :love: Congrats!!!!
  22. woofmama

    Rose gold and rose cut serpent ring

    I love your ring!!!! What a great find! Adorable face on him & yummy rose gold :love:
  23. woofmama

    Ruby Diamond 5 Stone Ring Phillips and Fredricks in NJ

    It's spectacular!!! The rubies are such a gorgeous color, perfect setting too!
  24. woofmama

    Many Thank To PriceScope - Sapphire Engagement Ring

    Lovely ring! You did a wonderful job creating it! :appl:
  25. woofmama

    design for antique pear help

    OP I really like the overall direction your design is going in. I love the e-w orientation. Very interested to follow this thread as I have a small pear diamond to set.
  26. woofmama

    My custom design project with Yvonne Raley

    Beautiful ring! I love the color combo!
  27. woofmama

    My new antique elongated Asscher cut! Setting suggestions?

    Re: My new antique elongated Asscher cut! Setting suggestion Just wanted to say congrats on finding that stunning diamond! It's one of the most beautiful diamonds I've ever seen! I love the idea of traps personally. I have this picture saved of my holy grail ring, it belongs to Widget, and is...
  28. woofmama

    Dark pink sapphire! Obsessed with color. Cut ok?

    Love the additional pics! That's a beautiful color, can't wait to see how you set it.
  29. woofmama

    Suggestions for a DBTY setting vendor, please!

    I would contact IDJ. I have a DBTY necklace that I converted into a bracelet made by them. Great bezel work.
  30. woofmama

    Dark pink sapphire! Obsessed with color. Cut ok?

    I love that sapphire :love: The color is beautiful. Have you asked Andrew about the issue you're seeing? Since he cut the stone perhaps he could tweak it slightly if you commit to keeping it. Personally I would keep it either way, because I doubt you'll find that color again.