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  1. violet3

    Looking to buy some pave bands - please weigh in

    Hello all! I am looking to purchase two small diamond bands and have found several online options. My budget is small, but there were a couple of decent options on and Etsy that I liked. I wondered if I post the links if you'd be willing to weigh in with your opinions? I wear...
  2. swaye2010

    Interview Series -jhollywood designs

    Before I started typing out my questions, I went back to your blog page to read some of your newer posts and I still crack up. Your personality really comes through in your writing and makes me even more excited about moissanite. So you have been around for 10 years now, were you always...
  3. Rose-gold-or-bust

    Stay away from Brilliant Earth

    Are you considering a purchase at Brilliant Earth? Read this! I decided to upgrade my engagement ring and wedding band and I found a diamond I liked at BE so I called & put it on hold. There was a fee to place a diamond on hold which is something that Blue Nile, James Allen and High...
  4. Dee*Jay

    Healthy Living Thread

    Happy Friday kids! Curby, I packed up NINE cases of glasses, with one more to go this morning (I ordered 10)... and there will still be some left in the cabinet. OMG. I organized them by color, which will make it easy(ier) when the time comes to get them out. I won't have room for all of...
  5. sledge

    Calling Fellow Computer Nerds...

    It's time for an upgrade of my laptop at work, and have narrowed it to 3 choices. Money is essentially the same for all 3 as they vary between $1,800 to $2,000. For the specs I am trying to achieve I believe this to be a fair price. If you know of something better, etc please let me know...
  6. canuk-gal

    Now I really did it :((

    I LOVE this ring!
  7. Keeliamira

    Now I really did it :((

    Thank you for the well-wishes @marcy ! I’m very thankful my recovery was easy. Shoot! I can’t believe I missed you in Scottsdale! Meeting up would have been so fun! Please let me know if you make it back here. You are so right about the Peachtrees, lol. Everything here is laid out in a grid and...
  8. missy

    DM for price! And other IG sales tactics that suck.

    Thank you @JPie, I appreciate you sharing this.
  9. JPie

    DM for price! And other IG sales tactics that suck.

    The seller I mentioned in the first post of this thread is lindasherrie. I have screenshots of our entire IG conversation history for anyone who wants to verify my account of what happened. I haven’t had direct experience with other questionable IG sellers but this is what I am comfortable with...
  10. GlitterInMyHair

    DM for price! And other IG sales tactics that suck.

    Thank you so much for naming these shady sellers. I know about ladyloveliescurio, but not the others.
  11. bludiva

    DM for price! And other IG sales tactics that suck.

    of these i'd only heard of yourjewelryfinder previously and remember thinking her pricing seemed really high. that explains it...!
  12. TheGarnetGirl

    My Rosey Blue-Green Gem Silica Ring

    Hello All! :dance: As some of you may remember I was recently-ish given a 14mm cushion shaped blue-green gem silica from my beau for Mothers Day. It was his first purchase for me alone that was perfect for me in all ways and I was gobsmacked as the poor guy cannot tell solid 14k from gold...
  13. elizat

    DM for price! And other IG sales tactics that suck.

    Thanks for sharing. I thought one was lady lovelies. There is so much Georgian jewelry that is misrepresented. I am glad that's not my time period. Another thing I see are target ring settings. I see so many that are pristine and they are not disclosed as newly made. I think some sellers...
  14. PierreBear

    Now I really did it :((

    Hello! Had a friend over for smores yesterday. Nice to not have to host with a dinner and just do something casual. Something about talking around a fire makes it more like an activity than just hanging out. Is everyone done Christmas shopping? I ordered some photos at our local SAMS club...
  15. missy

    Now I really did it :((

    Good morning girls from Brooklyn where we have no gas due to some careless workers who accidentally cut the gas line to our building yesterday.:eek-2: The gas company said it will take at least 3 days to put in a whole new line but thankfully they connected a line to our boiler in the basement...
  16. CJ2008

    Car shopping experiences

    Missy OK so sounds like you / Greg did your research before going to the dealership. And I'm a little jealous that for one of those purchases Greg just went and got the car while you were nice and comfy at home. LOL I say that only because yes we're in the market for a new car and because I'm a...
  17. fel

    cat's eye tourmaline ring

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to tell if it is glass, please let me know. I did not pay very much for this ring. Even though I could return it under ebay policy (it was described in a message to me as having a "gem"), I am not sure I would bother. I actually don't wear big rings like...
  18. missy

    Earth Day: The Climate Wars' Damage to Science

    This article is from almost 2 years ago but still an interesting read and I am sharing it here on Earth day for those of you who are interested.
  19. P

    Tips for buying jewelry on eBay

    There’s truly nothing like having your perfect jewelry piece custom made for you…but when the budget constrains you there are sparklies to curb your cravings available on eBay! The pejorative “evilBay” has been well-earned by the site, but with some strategy and a little luck you might be...
  20. JoshuaNiamehr

    Cut score on Enchanted Diamonds website

    @RockDiamond - you can twist it however you like about what suppliers like - but quite frankly Im not in business because of my suppliers - I am in business for the millennials and silver surfers of the world that are exhausted by the nonsense spewed at them by the trade. I am not in the...
  21. Texas Leaguer

    Cut score on Enchanted Diamonds website

    Joshua, I've got a feeling you are determined to have the last word, so be my guest. But I will respond to the last few remarks directed towards me before handing it over to you: Nothing except the list of requirements over and above the AGS 0 Platinum report, all of which must be met. It is...
  22. B

    Another review on Eternity Diamonds

    Hi everyone, I got back from my honeymoon and I was busy writing reviews for the hotels so I figured why not write one for the Jeweler :) I found Yoni on pricescope and did a little research to make sure both him and pricescope were not some elaborate scam. This was my earlier review on...
  23. DecoDaze

    WWYD with several less than top quality gems?

    I'm afraid her experience with me might make her change her policy about accepting customers' stones. She was very concerned about breaking them, although I reassured her over and over that these were free, and it wasn't a big deal if they broke. But yes, I wish I'd had a better experience, too...
  24. the_mother_thing

    silver smith and colouredstones

    Mastergoldcraft on etsy works with silver I believe. I communicated with him a few times on a gold project, but have had no work by him personally, though he has had many great reviews.
  25. ltlmsmfft

    Forum Members and their Favourite Vendors wrt Disclosure

    I don't purchase a whole lot dollar wise compared to some of the other pearl lovers on here; but, I can say I started my pearl collection a little over a year ago and based on the feedback from these forums I made most of my purchases at PP and one from POJ. All of the purchases were well worth...
  26. JaneSmith

    When do you get your flu vaccine?

    My family gets the flu vaccine every year, as soon as it is available. From the Alzheimer's Association: The US doctor's name is Fudenburg. Re: Guillain-Barré syndrome...
  27. ckrickett

    Secret of Moonacre Moon pearl project

    So I just adore Fantasy movies and books, I grew up with (like a lot of us have probably) reading the Wrinkle in Time books, Narnia, Tolkien, and a ton of other fantasy books (one series was about a swan). I recently Saw Secret of Moonacre, and it was pretty great! (Got horrible reviews, but I...
  28. 2Neezers

    What's going on with DanielM?

    I agree with what you are saying and would be very upset if I was in the shoes of those of you have been ignored and have been left waiting for so long. I wasn't defending them, but just wanted to share my recent experience since it was very different than what others have had. I can see now...
  29. baby monster

    Caribbean Vacation - Which island?

    I highly recommend Aruba for beaches and relaxing. There's nothing else to do there. I've been there twice and would love to go back but it's expensive. Not sure why Jamaica is getting such bad reviews. I've been to MoBay, Negril and Ocho Rios and loved all of them. Whenever I see that...
  30. bluelotus

    Men's OEC Ring Design

    Here's a short blip on the gypsy setting taken from a retailer of vintage jewelry: "The gypsy setting is one of the most secure settings for gemstones. As such, it has been favored by men since its inception in the late 1880s. According to an 1884 issue of the Jewelers’ Circular and Horological...