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  1. teddym

    Jewelry appraiser in losangles area (Jewelry Judge)

    Hello everyone! so I am looking to get my wife's diamond appraised but I don't know the first thing about the appraisal process. I am in the LA area near Pasadena So if anyone has suggestions on who to go to I would greatly appreciate it. Also, has anyone heard of Jewelry Judge? is it a legit...

    Need advice on OEC diamond

    I use David Klass, a popular jeweler here ;) they are located in LA, but make jewelry for people anywhere! Email is : dkinla[email protected]
  3. N

    NY/LA quality jewelry stores with rings on display?

    Hi everyone! Can you recommend any jewelry stores in either New York or Los Angeles that display a wide assortment of engagement rings/settings (that are relatively quality/dainty, not the typical bulkier settings found in regular shops)? For a couple who is very visual and needs to see styles...
  4. Starfacet

    Help finding diamond necklace 10 days til wedding!

    7+ ct. diamond tennis-style necklace from ID Jewelry Online for $8500.. Says it's in stock. This is pretty too! Oohh la la...
  5. missy

    Help finding diamond necklace 10 days til wedding!

    Some vendors in LA (I think they are located there) who have amazing antique diamonds and jewelry.
  6. A

    Looking for a fine jewelry manufacturer near California

    I am looking for a new jewelry manufacturer near California with experience in fine jewelry. It would be ideal if I can have CADs edited, pieces cast and stones set with the same person. For some reason I have not had much luck, as most manufacturers refuse to show images of their work, and I...
  7. karylicious

    Sizing a diamond ring

    I did got here and nothing came close..
  8. TreeScientist

    Fancy Cut Diamond Dealers in Downtown LA

    Hit up Eric at EVS Designs. His office is in the downtown LA jewelry district. While he is primarily a jewelry designer, he has numerous contacts within the LA diamond trade through his father and can call in just about anything you want. I was at his office about a month ago, and he had several...
  9. AntiqueMovalGal

    You have $400 to spend at Tiffany. What are you buying?

    Agree, nothing is a value item there! I have a $400 gift certificate there that I'd much rather spend on jewelry elsewhere, but c'est la vie haha. I guess I'm wondering what to buy that's iconic Tiffany enough to would make it more worth the "Tiffany tax," without it being tacky (like the...
  10. C

    Need advice on OEC diamond

    That’s funny. He’s actually designing an anniversary band for me using hearts and arrows diamonds. If it turns out well I might use him again for this one eventually. Here’s a photo of the model. It’s almost done. Comments and critiques welcome!
  11. ennui

    Does brand matter for pearl value resale?

    Unless you're Elizabeth Taylor buying La Peregrina and Cartier, jewelry is a very poor investment. Buy it for your own pleasure. Even precious metals take a hit.
  12. SouthernElle

    Fair pricing and advice for unique setting from retail store?

    Take mental pictures next time, I personally don’t think a setting is worth a bad stone. Did you mention the name of the setting? I visit the area regularly as I have family there. Next time I go down I could take a peek, if it’s before you would make it there. I never mind looking a jewelry and...
  13. lovedogs

    Sizing a diamond ring

    Nope, David Klass is in LA. You could also reach out to ID jewelry in NYC to see if they have anything like that.
  14. Sunstorm

    Walked into Costco to change my membership card...

    @Arkteia Zimmis are like the “creme de la creme” within vivid yellows. They have extreme saturation and really do look different even from a “normal” vivid. Like I said they often appear like they have an orange secondary but they don’t on paper. They are supposed to be the best yellows and...
  15. SparklenHue123

    Help finding diamond necklace 10 days til wedding!

    YES i am speaking with them - love IDJ! they sent me this 11 tcw - it's slightly over budget but such a stunner - i think we may be able to pull it off - they also sent me the 8 which is gorgeous! What do you guys think about the diamond quality for IDJ - they are great people and i've been to...
  16. marymm

    Drew Brees claims jeweler scammed him out of $9M.

    Just to clarify, there is a jewelry store in La Jolla by the name of H. Moradi Fine Jewelers (Hossein Moradi). The Brees lawsuit involves a jewelry store named CJ Charles Jewelers (Vahid Moradi), also located in La Jolla. Based on a quick research, I would guess is that Hossein Moradi and...
  17. mrs-b

    HELP! Modifying my engagement ring...

    OP - Jewelers won't normally exchange one of your diamonds for one of theirs. It's not cost effective for them and there are a bunch of risks. I'm one more who votes for a round center with pear sides, set by David Klass Jewelry in LA. Take a look at this - I think your stones would be...
  18. K

    How sturdy is a hollow platinum ring?

    Sorry to be so blunt, but this sounds extremely expensive. 2 k MORE for a few grams of platinum? 4.3 k without the stones? You already bought those for the first iteration, right? Would you be open to contacting David Klass jewelry in LA? If you provide the stones, I'm sure the setting even...
  19. CSpan

    Show us your Antique/Vintage and Reproduction Rings!

    I am so excited having read about Sako (and that he is local). I was going to go back to the guys who sold it to me but they have rather unpredictable hours
  20. prs

    Question re Selling Stones Los Angeles. WWW They do also sell unset colored stones, often of very high value, at their jewelry auctions. Emily Waterfall is their LA jewelry specialist and contact. I know they often place their really high end pieces in their New York auctions, rather than Los Angeles. I'm sure they...
  21. mrs-b

    #JOTW Paraiba in Rose-cut Halo

    @distracts - I saw your ring in person when I was in LA the other week. Photos don't do it justice. It is THE BOMB. It's breathtakingly gorgeous, perfectly made, just STUNNING! For what it's worth - I didn't touch it or try it on (I don't like the idea of handling other people's jewelry -...

    How "normal people" view diamonds/gemstones/etc

    My best friend is not into jewelry. But, she went with me to DK's shop when I picked up my platinum wedding set in LA last year. Later she asked what metal it was, I said, "it's platinum". She says, shaking her head, " Yeah, real gold has gotten way too expensive, huh?" Me: "but, platinum...
  23. lovedogs

    Drew Brees claims jeweler scammed him out of $9M.

    Yup, 2 different stores, about a block (or less) apart. I've just been window shopping in both :)
  24. missy

    BROOCHES & Pins. Why Don't We Wear Them?

    Here's an antique black onyx brooch/pin I have that is understated but very sweet IMO. For some blingy brooches though ooh la la look at this lovely collection I took a photo of a while back at one of the antique jewelry shows.:love:
  25. distracts

    OEC vs MRB. Are they different?

    It sounds to me like you need to stop and not make any buying decisions for a while. Look around, see as many diamonds as you can in person, try on as many rings as you can, look at videos online in a variety of lighting conditions, and evaluate what you want. Give it an absolute minimum of four...
  26. Arcadian

    Help with buying first pair of diamond studs

    Being its a jewelry and gem site people are cautious about showing themselves totally. So you might not get the photos you're after. That said, you can find a way to see what works for your own ear. Find the size stone that is closest to your ideal size. (for instance, you said .90ct...
  27. L

    Looking for someone to re-cut modern cushions into vintage style

    @TheGemDoctor is the father of CJD-Sako, Cicada Jewelry. He restores and cuts antique style stones. You might want to see if he does this type of thing, he’s in LA, I think.
  28. Starfacet

    Help finding diamond necklace 10 days til wedding!

    ...suggested are all great. To that list, I would add: Both in Beverly Hills literally a couple of blocks from each other. David Klass is in the LA jewelry district and he has ready-made stuff in his shop, all new AFAIK. You might check...
  29. D

    How sturdy is a hollow platinum ring?

    Yeah, I bought the center Sapphire from John Dyer and bought the diamonds from the jeweler to be made into a ring. I’m asking them for a breakdown of the quote and hoping there was some sort of error, but if not it sounds like it would probably be better to just pay off the ring as is and give...
  30. lydial

    Help needed- is the quote I’ve received over inflated? Am I better going somewhere else?

    OK: opinion time! I am a tapered baguette 3 stone wearer. She has great style! But: It is Completely Foolish to start with a setting and source a 35 thousand dollar stone to fit it. SMH! Nonononono!!! It is like starting with tires and sourcing a luxury car to fit the tires. Please: Look for the...