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  1. Babyblue033

    First time in Paris, must see, do, eat, buy?

    I know next to nothing about Paris but Louvre was definitely on my list to visit. In my past life I was a designer and as a young design student Louvre museum was like a holy ground and back then seeing it in person seemed almost impossible. So for sure I'll find time to visit and I just checked...
  2. J

    Tacori Ring Resize or remake?

    Great Idea! Dianna Rae jewelry in Lafayette, La assisted with the design and custom made the ring. The experience was PHENOMENAL from start to finish. I ended up spending less on the setting than a Tacori setting and the quality is superb. I believe Dianna's husband developed the design...
  3. Gypsy

    Do you buy secondhand clothing/purses/shoes/accessories?

    So, my mother, when I was young was HORRIFIED at the thought of my buying anything second hand. Seriously. My grandfather used to go to garage sales and buy second hand furniture (not upholstered pieces, but wood, which was what he liked). And I'd go browse with him. And I brought home a used...
  4. ame

    St. Louis, MO Vacation - advise me!

    OK That makes a lot more sense. Near much more stuff. I was just up there over the weekend to go to Genovese and Clarkson Jewelers with my FSIL to look at bands. I have been to that Timekeepers and it's a playground. Being in Creve Coeur you might be able to hit the Olive location of...


    Hi everyone, I'm a french girl and I come on this forum to speak with you (with my bad language, sorry for my english) :? and see your wonderful riiiiiiiiiings :love: :love: So, you know France is a little (but charming !) old country and it's not usualy to have bling big ring...I'll marry...
  6. sillyberry

    Halo a Cushion? Don't Mind if I Do!

    vespergirl, Yimmers, Echidna, miraclesrule, and stci - thank you! I'm so flattered about the too-kind compliments on Sparkles de Lafayette (yep, it has a name). It's funny - I did exactly what was recommended not to do when picking out the ring. I only looked at cushions brought in a by a...
  7. sillyberry

    see you later, alligator!

    Thank you so much Amys Bling, Autumnovember, kittybean, shihtzulover, Rose_Dust, Jessie702, B.E.G., Mashira, ChloeTheGreat, jenmarie, diamondbuggy, FuturePsyD, and Grlsbestfriend! You all make me feel so warm and fuzzy! jenmarie, we loved Le Pavillon! We actually had PB&J for our engagement...
  8. brazen_irish_hussy

    Paris suggestions?

    I recommend having an island morning or afternoon. Notre Dame is great, but on the same island is St Chapelle which is the most amazing cathedral in Paris. It is called Paris''s jewelry box and if you can go when the sun is out, all the better. Then move down the siene to the next island, St...
  9. cflutist

    DTC names 11 new sightholders

    What I am interested in is whether Stuller (large jewelry manufacturer in Lafayette, LA) and Tiffany & Co, will cut their own rough? Or farm it out? Any thoughts from the experts out there?
  10. cflutist

    Platinum vs White Gold

    Yes you do. For example #12649 (3 stone ring) is available in 14K WG, 18K WG, 14K X1, or Platinum, while #12446 (another 3 stone ring) is available in 14K WG, 14K Palladium WG, 14K X1 or Platinum. Here is a link to their FAQs which were written in June 2005 before they started casting select...
  11. cflutist

    Platinum v. White Gold

    RockDoc, I have been following this with interest because it sounds like an affordable alternative to platinum. A little background info here: Much of today's white gold jewelry is a yellowish or off-white karat gold alloy that has been rhodium plated to provide a bright-white finish...
  12. cflutist

    WINK rocks again – check THIS out!!!!

    This is my 7-year anniversary gift from Websailor. See … he’s not that itchy yet. Okay, it’s not an e-ring but you can say it is a “ring” of diamonds. Wink just custom made this bracelet for me. It is 6.5 inches long (instead of the standard 7”) and thus holds only 32 (instead of 35)...