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  1. chrono

    Is this sapphire too dark?

    When in doubt, trust your gut. We all have preferences and for me, that particular stone is too dark and will most likely not look any better once set.
  2. chrono

    How to care for a found cat?

    When my kitty was on mixed (wet and dry), he would beg for water at the faucet, even when I lay out fresh water daily. Since I transitioned him to a fully wet diet, he no longer asks for water. I also keep an eye on his litter and he's producing the same amount of daily "wet" clumps as prior.
  3. chrono

    Would you play football with a diamond earring?

    I don't wear jewellery whilst playing contact sports and in fact, I always have the students remove jewellery during martial arts class. Not because they might lose it, but because it might cause harm to themselves or others. This is also a rule in competitions, even though helmets are worn.
  4. chrono

    Can I get some ruby help? Rush request - he wants to buy *tonight*

    Looks like a dark spinel but I guess if that's what they like.
  5. chrono

    Red Spinel input

    I agree with your initial thoughts on the stones. Unfortunately, I suspect the second (also lighter stone) to have cut issues. Do you have better close up pictures?
  6. chrono

    Real spinel or lab? Best guess?

    Full close up pictures please. Everything is too blurry. It is normal for spinel to show some colour variation in its sparkles. I only trust a good lab to determine whether the spinel is synthetic or real because the fakes are way too good these days.
  7. chrono

    Budget estimates (large fingered people)

    @voce Has Daniel M cleaned up his act from a year or two ago? I am hesitant to recommend him unless he has shown that he is responsive to emails and prompt delivery again.
  8. chrono

    Poll: white gold or rose gold for pinkish red+lavender color combo?

    White all over because the colour just pops.
  9. chrono

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    I hate your collection @Arkteia because I'm too jealous.:kiss2:
  10. chrono

    How much does white line affect sapphire price?

    GemFix will not sell to Canada or any place with taxes unless it is under $1K. I think there's a lapidary in Canada that goes by the name of Lisa Elsner?
  11. chrono

    When your eyes match your stone

    I love the forehead plumage colour graduation!
  12. chrono

    How Would You Set a 58ct Cushion Cut Kunzite

    White sapphire just doesn't have the same pizzazz as white zircon.
  13. chrono

    When your eyes match your stone

    I think of purple as amethyst coloured. I think of violet has having a touch of pink with the purple.
  14. chrono

    How Would You Set a 58ct Cushion Cut Kunzite

    I'm going to be the only Debbie Downer and advise it as a pendant for night wear only because it is relative soft at MOH 6 to 7 and it will fade over time when exposed to sunlight / UV.
  15. chrono

    Do you have a life insurance policy? if yes, who's the beneficiary?

    Only the free one from my workplace.
  16. chrono

    Does your jewellery get admired?

    Nope, and it doesn't bother me. Maybe it's my resting bitch face...
  17. chrono

    Anti wrinkle cream suggestions ?

    Just need 2 hole cut-outs so that you can see where you're going. @kenny
  18. chrono

    How to care for a found cat?

    For my kitties, neutering and spaying seems to make them more loving and less aggressive. Or maybe I only see it that way because we are strengthening our bond over time anyway? I do notice my cats becoming extra loving and needy when they return from the procedure and I'm more than happy to...
  19. chrono

    What is the *one* thing you want to accomplish before you die?

    @chemgirl We are on the same page. Simple things like being able to pay the bills, a healthy lifestyle, and things of that nature. Nothing grand or big. Oh, and because I want to brag, my mortgage will be free and clear in less than 1.5 years.
  20. chrono

    How to care for a found cat?

    I managed to find one, and only one. The benefit is that it has a cutout that he can walk into without having to jump. Easier to clean with the cutoutt too.
  21. chrono

    How to care for a found cat?

    No human food at all for my cat. I think because of this, he doesn't beg at the table or shows any interest in our food. He gets no grain, no starch, no vegetable, no fruit whatever you call it. Just single ingredient meat and the rest are necessary added vitamins. Pampered boy gets Dr. Elsey's...
  22. chrono

    How to care for a found cat?

  23. chrono

    School Shooting At Santa Clarita High School

    It never changes. The cycle of a shooting, talk to changing, and nothing happens. When you think it can't get any worse, it can and it does. I truly believe it will never stop.
  24. chrono

    What is the *one* thing you want to accomplish before you die?

    None. Maybe my life seems aimless but I've never had life goals.
  25. chrono

    Can you share a time when you realized a friend wasn't really your friend?

    Friends come and go for me. I am too much of an introvert with trust issues to have super close friends. I still keep most everything to myself as I view it as it's none of their business.
  26. chrono

    Introvert or Extrovert?

    Introvert. I need time alone even from my family.
  27. chrono

    Various gems I’m debating on setting

    Pick whichever. Life's too short!
  28. chrono

    Name one thing you love about being older

    I'm one step closer to getting off this ride called life.
  29. chrono

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Born in Asia, now living in the USA.