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  1. Lorelei

    Would this be worth considering?

    It looks beautiful as one would expect, now it's a decision whether the stone is going to be eye clean ' enough' for you.
  2. Lorelei

    How did I manage this? Advice please!

    Thirding what Rocky says, plus ACA melee are incredible, I have some in one of my rings and they're beautiful. So sorry this happened to you.
  3. Lorelei

    Emerald Cut ideal Specs: Please advise & educate

    That's the thing exactly, EC's and especially big ones have to be evaluated in a different way, especially as diamonds of these sizes are thin on the ground anyway, an open mind and some flexibility can be so useful.
  4. Lorelei

    Fragrance of the Day Thread

    It took me years to 'get' Jicky and all of a sudden it clicked so give it time, it really is beautiful especially in vintage.
  5. Lorelei

    Recommendations on Emerald Cut stone I like this one best of the three too.
  6. Lorelei

    Feedback for first time buyer

    Ditto, also use the numbers Ringo posted which will get you in the ballpark of diamonds which should be better proportioned and hopefully better performers.
  7. Lorelei

    Which 2ct diamond should I get?

    Hi Madsal, The Infinity is stunning, but from what you say that you and your GF ( unless I'm reading it wrongly) have decided to go E - G and VS, I'd talk to her again and ask her if she'd be ok with lower clarity with G colour. Just in case she might prefer smaller and higher specs but as it...
  8. Lorelei

    Hoping To Avoid Buyer's Remorse, Please Help!

    Hi Magpie and welcome! This is a commercial cut stone, nothing wrong with that unless you want the best cut you can get, people have different priorities but you'll find the proportions of this stone won't find favour here with those who prioritise cut quality. The table size is not a huge...
  9. Lorelei

    Would this be worth considering?

    It looks great providing it's eye clean to your preferences, it looks like an inclusion is reflecting around the stone so check with WF to be sure it meets your expectations in that regard.
  10. Lorelei

    Does anyone have a dog who's had BOAS surgery?

    Just updating, we're now coming up 6 weeks post procedure and he's doing great! I've watched him very very carefully and at one point was worried he was developing a slight infection, so I rushed him to the vets and his temperature was up a little, so he went on antibiotics as a precaution for a...
  11. Lorelei

    Kate Spade, RIP

    Just dreadful, may she RIP.
  12. Lorelei

    Fragrance of the Day Thread

    I've been using Jicky parfum a lot recently, I used to hate it and now I love it, funny how taste changes.
  13. Lorelei

    Good or bad value?

    It's just gorgeous, many congratulations!!:wavey:
  14. Lorelei

    Royal Wedding

    Lol, no, it's published in a UK online news site. I had another engagement to attend today.....hehe!
  15. Lorelei

    Royal Wedding

    I love that second dress too, reminds me almost of a seventies Halston, slinky yet classy.
  16. Lorelei

    Royal Wedding

    I would too, it's a lovely menu.:love:
  17. Lorelei

    Royal Wedding

    Here's the menu.
  18. Lorelei

    Royal Wedding

    They were lucky indeed the weather was not pants as it easily could have been.:eek2:
  19. Lorelei

    Royal Wedding

    I wouldn't be able to either, I remember watching when Diana and Charles got married, young as I was, thinking how she'd be treated so beautifully all her life and what could go wrong....I must have been really naive because once it all started coming out about her life, I remember being so...
  20. Lorelei

    Royal Wedding

    Sorry DS, that came out wrongly, still watching TV and posting, gotcha!:wavey: It was sad that Diana should have been there but couldn't, if only she'd had the support Kate has had, how different things might have been...
  21. Lorelei

    Royal Wedding

    I thought they were square cut, thanks stracci! Wow....
  22. Lorelei

    Royal Wedding

    I echo that, I hope so. Funny thing was, Fergie was actually around the royals from childhood like Diana, although Fergie was from a family of old money, but not much and not blue blooded like Diana, yet neither could make it work and they were chosen because they ' knew what to expect.' Look...
  23. Lorelei

    Royal Wedding

    I just saw enormous flashes come from her ears, they looked square from what I could see but I might be wrong.
  24. Lorelei

    Royal Wedding

    They sure took mine away, they were enormous and in the daytime too!!!
  25. Lorelei

    Royal Wedding

    I think they might have as the original was used up with Kate's I fink....:wavey:
  26. Lorelei

    Royal Wedding

    Out of interest, I think the nugget of Welsh gold that was used for all royal wedding rings is almost gone now.
  27. Lorelei

    Royal Wedding

    Just finished watching it, they had perfect weather and it all went off beautifully! Meghan's Mother did her proud, beautiful and dignified lady, the crowds were thoroughly enjoying themselves and I don't think it could have gone better. All was quiet while the wedding was taking place both...
  28. Lorelei

    I1 for earrings? Are we crazy?

    I don't think you're crazy at all looking at I1 for earrings if your sister's ok with the potential for a visible inclusion. They might be warm though....Would that be ok with her? Next step would be to request Idealscope images for these, they're pretty good but I suspect there might be a...
  29. Lorelei

    Looking for advice about cut

    Not to my knowledge are there any branded Superideals cut with 60% tables. Farrah is right, we could look for some nice 60 60 stones which could fit the bill if you're sure that going for a branded Superideal isn't the best way forward for you, have you seen any in person though to compare?
  30. Lorelei

    James Allen - shipping delay

    Haha - letting your English out and rocking it ' chuffed', no mistaking where you come from! Thanks for being so gracious about our threadjack, my fault entirely but our Sledge is an interesting chap!:wavey: