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  1. L

    hearts on fire

    would love to have your opinion on a hearts on fire diamond going for $5800: -mounted in white gold setting -AGS cert from 2003 -0.875 carats, F, SI2 -depth 62.1 -table 57 -crown 35.2 -pavillion 40.8 -girdle 1.5-2% -1.8 on the HCA -measurements 6.1 x 6.13 x 3.8 is this a very good deal? how...
  2. L

    CBI Fire! Wow!

    and a few more pics for fun!
  3. Whisper89

    Do AVCs have fire?

    ...I expect all AVCs to be very bright/brilliant due to their ideal cut parameters. Not concerned about that part. But do they have lots of fire and rainbows? I definitely want colourful sparkles. I know the flashes will be broader than a typical round brilliant due to the bigger facets and...
  4. stracci2000

    Fire Agate

    I have been enamored of fire agates recently. They are so fascinating! This stone is pretty cool, the way it resembles a slice of orange or maybe the underside of a hot air balloon. The back of the stone is also amazing.
  5. GliderPoss

    Dust for Aussie bush fire victims...

    Please can you pray/send dust for the people affected by bush fires sweeping across our nation right now. :pray: The sky is thick with ash & smoke, the sun is orange and the birds have stopped singing. Three people have lost their lives so far with many injured and their homes destroyed...
  6. Rpb

    Which one has more potential for fire and brilliance

    Okay so I have been in touch with a vendor for ideal cut lab round diamonds and he sent me these 2 options close to the super ideal ranges but not within the exact parameters. Diamond 1 - table 60.5 Depth - 60.5 CA - 33.8 PA - 40.5 Measurements - 8.42*8.49*5.12 2.30 H VVS 1 Diamond 2 - table...
  7. mrs-b

    Requesting prayers for my home threatened by the Australian bush fires

    ...currently visiting me in Boston. Consequently, the house is unoccupied at the moment, save for a house sitter who is there intermittently. The fires have now reached within a mile of our house. Between the house and the fires is dry bushland, so there's a direct burn path to the house...
  8. Cosmetologist

    On the AGS Light Performance Ideal Cut Spectrum Which Shape/Cut Exerts the most Fire/Dispersion?

    I've been pondering this question for a while - Which AGS Ideal Branded or Non-Branded Cuts Exerts the most Fire/Dispersion? And In what order would they Rank for Fire & Dispersion alone? I would've thought the AVCs & CACs are at the top then the AVRs but what would come after that? Please...
  9. D

    A question on diamond fire to n existing thread (which I'm sure already exist). I'm trying to understand what I should really be expecting to see in terms of diamond fire. Does it mean that all the time I should see a rainbow sparkle at me? is it just is specific conditions? How much fire is reasonable to expect...
  10. Begonia

    Question for Dancing Fire

    hi DF. I have a Rolex question for you. My watch runs a little fast, and I’ll get that looked at next servicing but can a dial it back a few minutes to the right time or must I always dial forward?
  11. Gussie

    Calling Dancing Fire

    @Dancing Fire Can you point me to reputable preloved watch sites? Do you even recommend buying a preloved watch or is new better? If you had a $4k budget, what would you get? NO ROLEX, bad experience with one. Thank you! I know you have lots of knowledge, please share with a pser who knows...
  12. coda72

    My final upgrade and heirloom ring

    Thank you, Dancing Fire!
  13. whitewave

    Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire BAD

  14. KristyDarling

    NYE fireworks with 2.22 ctw from HPD!!!

    Balls of fire!!! Just beautiful!
  15. RunningwithScissors

    My "Forever" Diamond Search --Questions about Fire/Scintillation So apologies in advance, I'm going to be asking lots of questions in the coming months! First Question: I understand Brilliance and Fire on an intellectual level (I think), but how do I hone my ability to know exactly what I'm looking at (brilliance or fire or scintillation) when I...
  16. R

    What proportions should I look into for a lot of fire?

    I want a RB serious sparkle and fireballs. Not a fan of white flashes. What dimensions/proportions should I be looking at?
  17. elle_71125

    My new Black bling...

    It’s stunning! So much fire! :love:
  18. msop04

    My new Black bling...

    Jeebus!! That thing is on FIRE!!!
  19. Emrldlvr

    #TBT Coming out of lurkdom and ENGAGED!

    Look at that fire! Simply stunning ring!
  20. canuk-gal

    I just wanna say -- the random comments thread

    HI: Where is Dancing Fire? cheers--Sharon
  21. Ss52

    Buying round 2.05+/- Fire over brilliance choose an anniversary diamond for his wife, a “surprise” she’s been hinting at. I’m looking for one I’d be proud to see her wear, favoring fire, then brilliance. So smaller tables, higher crowns, prefer F-G color, and some beefy star facets if possible. After searching for days, then...
  22. missy

    Upgraded my CBI to an 2.62ct G VS1...

    Wowza! Gorgeous! :love: Congratulations @Dancing Fire :appl:
  23. cflutist

    Upgraded my CBI to an 2.62ct G VS1...

    Congrats @Dancing Fire . You are sneaky
  24. Dancing Fire

    Requesting prayers for my home threatened by the Australian bush fires

    Hope your home will be spared from the fire.
  25. fizzychip

    CBI Fire! Wow!

    Wow! Beautiful ring and that fire is amazing!
  26. L

    CBI fire

    ...Angle 40.8 degrees Pavilion Percentage 43.1% Depth 61.5% Star 51 Lower Girdle Facet 77 It’s beautiful, of course, but I still wonder about FIRE. When I was initially selecting the diamond via video, I asked the reps about how to select a diamond that exhibited more fire. They replied...
  27. junebug17

    The Fire Thread!

    A little fire coming from my band
  28. whitewave

    Round triple ex question

    Oh and the .90 threw a lot of colored fire
  29. Nosean

    Smithsonian gems

    This is fire agate.