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  1. Texas Leaguer

    Article: Over Grading of Blue Fluorescent Diamonds Revisited

    Please review drk's calculations and analysis. He confirms what other journals have established, that UV in artificial light (except when diamond is within inches of the source) is too weak to cause noticeable color whitening. These are not just my 'beliefs'. Let me also refer you back to...
  2. marcy

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi NIRDIs! Gypsy, glad to hear Duncan is stable. Recounting the challenges of giving cats a bath makes re realize why my sister always has someone do that for her cat. Sounds challenging. That is tough one of your best friends and her kids are moving away. At least these days it is so much...
  3. C

    friend in sticky situation....

    Hmm, it sounds like you will have a hard time not being an advocate for your friend's position when you meet this girl. You will be no use to her or anyone if that comes across in your meeting, and you should probably back out unless you think you can be her advocate and friend. I agree with...
  4. Kay

    has anyone been to Costa Rica?

    I don't know much about buying real estate in CR, but we spent 2 fabulous weeks there in May. I am in the middle of writing my trip report for Trip Advisor, so I will post the first part here since it covers Arenal and Monteverde. Warning -- it is a bit long winded. We landed in San Jose...