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  1. Starfacet

    .96 ct. Fancy Intense Greenish Yellow marquise E-W ring with strong green fluoro

    On the Replacements site. I was actually there to look at Waterford crystal but couldn't resist looking at jewelry.
  2. voce

    Indocolite potential gem

    I think this is a stone I would pass off as-is to not a jewelry fanatic (as most PS'ers are), but to someone believing in crystal healing, for crystal healing purposes.
  3. Bluegemz

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    Ha! I’m still getting used to this new format. Ok...I’ll start a thread....but here is a little history fist. I fell in love with a natural spessartite garnet cube crystal that the gem trader had months ago but it sold. Then I found a natural crystal emerald ring as a fun alternative to my...
  4. Bluegemz

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    Hey, thank you for the compliments on the aqua and the chalcedony! I’ve missed posting recently and seeing everyone’s things, though I’ve been trying to keep up. Lately I’ve been mixing again...raw gems with some finer pieces. The aqua ring is an in between piece...kind of a bit of both...
  5. K

    Diamond - keep or exchange?

    @sledge thank you for your post. I love how much information you give. So.... After my I3 engagement ring from a chain store, I got a G SI1 0.76 from BN (11 years after getting married). I loved loved loved this stone, but I bothered me that I could never get a picture of the arrows and more...
  6. prs

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    What fantastic color!!! I know rhodochrosite is so soft the vast majority of specimens are never faceted, let alone set. They are kept by collectors as gemstones simply for their beauty and rarity. I do admire your courage in setting that gorgeous stone as a pendant. If you have the time I...
  7. the_mother_thing

    Got a little upgrade ... but what’s this inclusion?

    I suppose I can keep a bottle of Lavish jewelry cleaner in the car with a microfiber ...:think:
  8. A

    Jason, Ada Diamonds — ? For You

    Ideally, what size baguettes you seeking, and do you know the quantity? Short answer is that calibrated layouts of fancy shaped lab diamonds are slowly coming online. We've been looking for years and finally gave up and have started to bulk commission/purchase layouts we need. We've delivered...
  9. jordyonbass

    Opal? What kind is it?

    Definitely solid, looks like a crystal body tone going towards white. Slight yellowish line in the back looks like a flaw, so a possible sign of it being natural. I guess the Welo test would be to put it in some water and see if the colourplay disappears, if it does then it's Welo and if it...
  10. S

    Show me your ceiling sparklies! Chandeliers of course

    Oh gals I just KNEW there were sparkly crystaly things all over your homes! Even the non crystal types are lovely, thank you for sharing your houses' jewelry.
  11. ilovegemstones

    Meteorite jewelry

    Post your meteorite jewelry here! I have two pieces of meteorite jewelry. Pallasite from the Seymchan meteorite (Place of meteorite fall-Russia, Magadan region. Found in 1967, coordinates of fall - 62° 54'N, 152° 26'E) and the second is Pallasite from the Sericho meteorite found in 2016 in...
  12. AV_

    Now I really did it :((

    This might not belong on this thread (since I haven't done it!) ... but this is not the kind of thing talked about much & I'm going to be impolite about the subject: WWW - what would you pay for this over the price of gold (that is about 1K - off the cuff) ? I am finding myself some object to...
  13. TheGarnetGirl

    Small Purchases that Make me Happy (:

    @voce You might shudder but some actually enjoy the feeling of weight on them. Many women love large chunky rings that might shock most others. That's the entire fun of them! Much like people who love weighted blankets or the weight of another human being on top of them. Its just a personal...
  14. jordyonbass

    Help! Solid opal or doublet?

    Colourless, black potch is often used as the backing when making doublets so it will appear to have a natural Opal back, because it does. So unfortunately seeing natural Opal on the back isn't always an indicator that the stone is solid. I wouldn't say it is sneaky, but rather a good way to make...
  15. glitterata

    Antique brooch with 7 little colored OMC diamonds: what do you think?

    One of my favorite charity shops has this Victorian or Edwardian brooch. It's 14K gold (I think he said--could have been 18K), unmarked, set with a hardstone (agate) cameo and 7 little old mine cut diamonds in various colors. One is distinctly yellow, two looked pinky-champagne-brownish in the...
  16. stracci2000

    Who wants to see my haul from today?

    These are some recent finds. Assorted vintage pins and a Czech glass necklace. Agate bangles A Sterling and enamel fish bracelet by Kabana, a local jewelry manufacturer And yet another sterling nut dish by Royal Danish. $4.00! It's very heavy and in perfect condition. Once again, I find...
  17. J

    Does your collection reflect your personality?

    Quite the opposite! I'm very set in my ways and I know exactly what I like, personality-wise. But my jewelry collection has everything: color, white metals, antique, modern, huge, tiny, even Swarovski crystal and a whole bunch of fakes. I can't think of any jewelry style that I don't have. Which...
  18. stracci2000

    Why does jewelry (and diamonds and gems) make you happy?

    Everyone has expressed themselves so wonderfully. I don't have anything to add, because you have all said it for me! My love of jewelry started when I was really little. I have always loved rocks, crystals and jewels of all shapes, sizes and colors. I have an early memory of loving the song...
  19. S

    Gem/crystal healing: do you believe in it at all?

    So I wanted to write a more in depth response when I got home and I have a proper keyboard and can think better. I've experienced a lot of things that made me believe in a lot of things like ghosts, God and even crystal healing. I got into crystal healing in college, when I was desperately...
  20. Garry H (Cut Nut)

    Bad HCA score?

    This stone has a fairly thick girdle but that will have little impact. Could be a good option.
  21. stracci2000

    Need help, brand signature?

    The "diamonds" look like glued in crystals to me. Based on that alone, I say it is costume jewelry, so not worth much. Sorry!
  22. distracts

    Las Vegas... 1st time going plus Grand Canyon

    The Aria is connected to Crystals mall, so I like to stay there because it is easy to get to the mall to look at the jewelry. The Vdara is right across the street and does not have a casino, but does have larger rooms/suites, if that's more your thing. I've stayed at the Aria many times and...
  23. S

    Bad HCA score?

    Update: The original candidate was unfortunately sold, but I landed on another one that my jeweler shipped in for me, and I got to see it today in person. Its specs are the following: .97 carat ($4,550) I color, Si1 (eye-clean, a couple of very small, non-black crystals I could only see with the...
  24. TheGarnetGirl

    Is this chrome diopside or green tourmaline?

    A simple thread for a simple question! If you all could give me your best educated guesses down below that would be great! I just purchased this 7mm gemstone from a stop in a teeny tiny town on our way to our destination and she had so many crystals, rings, Tibetan jewelry, but only a few cut...
  25. Yelena

    Gem/crystal healing: do you believe in it at all?

    I know this is an old post but I simply couldn’t help myself. Red and pink diamonds are an especially good cure for heaviness in the wallet and excessive bank balance. Buy a few of those super sized darlings and watch the decimal point make significant leaps to the left.
  26. annagene12

    Are we too elitist & doing 99% of newbies a disservice?

    So, I think instead of speculating about what newbies want - it may be good to get a newbie's thoughts. I really value PS for the wealth of knowledge that is exchanged freely here. No user is paid to do it, and it is done because people have a love for it and experience to draw upon that I...
  27. jordyonbass

    Jharnagems from Ebay is the best Ethiopian Opal Vendor on the Internet

    This is the catch 22 of Crystal Opal without a lot of brightness and saturation of colour from any location. It takes some smart setting in jewelry to help those colours pop more, so it can be done =)2
  28. Bron357

    1920s spinel ring

    Lab grown Spinel is grown to be exactly the same composition as natural Spinel so more specific testing/ microscopic analysis by a qualified lab/ gemologist is often necessary to distinguish between the two. Also, in the 1920s and 1930s lab grown gems were very popular and found in quality...
  29. J

    If you could live anywhere in the world

    This is a very interesting thread! I have fantasies about living in other places, for sure. But in reality, I know that everywhere has its downsides, once you have to deal with the laws and politics of a given place. For example, I also have similar visions of Switzerland as others described...