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  1. CravingDiamonds

    Mens Bling Eyecandy Folder

    Nice! Thank you for sharing.
  2. CravingDiamonds

    Colored Stone E-rings/Eyecandy

    I like this a lot!
  3. CravingDiamonds

    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    It must be nice being a celebrity.
  4. CravingDiamonds

    #JOTW Finally - some Christmas jewelry!

    I swear there is nothing better than christmas jewelry.
  5. CravingDiamonds

    Why PS is dangerous

    Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing.
  6. CravingDiamonds

    My right hand ring

    You have a beautiful ring!
  7. CravingDiamonds

    So this just happened

    I love this! Very nice.
  8. CravingDiamonds

    #JOTW Ring purchase - no one to share this with

    Share it with me because this is GORGEOUS!
  9. CravingDiamonds

    Look what I got from Wink, et. al. at HPD

    This looks so pretty on you! :love:
  10. CravingDiamonds

    Anniversary Gift

    This is a beautiful piece.
  11. CravingDiamonds

    Ring upgrade!

    Congratulations on your upgrade!
  12. CravingDiamonds

    My New Engagement Ring

    I am glad you are able to close the chapter and move on. The ring is gorgeous!
  13. CravingDiamonds

    Show Me Your Tiny Earrings

    All of these are so pretty!
  14. CravingDiamonds

    Show me your dangle earrings pretty please!

    Absolutely gorgeous design. Love it :love:
  15. CravingDiamonds

    Finally! My Emerald Dream Ring

    Congratulations on having your dreams come true! Very beautiful ring.
  16. CravingDiamonds

    Stack of the day thread

    Love these little stacks!